Friday, August 5, 2011

Brophy Red Dog Camp Underway

Wednesday, August 3, 2011:

This was the coldest morning we have seen yet at camp. Cayotes kept the dogs up all night, taunting them with their howls. The crew got another early wakeup, and good thing because with more people comes a little bit slower morning, but thats ok.


The hill rotation finally made its way back to the home pastures at triple gates.

Brace 1: Lily and Rio, 30 min, TSW

If there had been any wind, Lily would have been a fart in the wind. She acted a little dainty in the cold dew, and never faded more than a few yards from Corinne. With Lily, this kind of run is expected, and further proliferated by the fact that she just had pups. She did, however, have 1 perfect find on chickens. 12 o’clock tail that she hit very solid and didn’t move an inch during the flush.

This was Rio’s first time down on the ground and he did nice. Poor Ed has broke the shower, broke the door on the trailer, and today for the first time since camp started 22 years ago, a dog, Ed’s, caught a wild bird. He pointed, was tweeted on because of no intensity, and grabbed the bird. After taking the bird from him, it was obvious that it was probably sickly. Still a camp first! Otherwise he ran nice and was focused.

Brace 2: Sadie, Finn, Jamie, 37 min, TSE

Sadie started off a completely different dog than last week. She listened to Mary very well and went with us. The course went straight east, and once Sadie reached the pond at the end, she flipped off her ears. She started chasing tweety birds all over and not coming with. Lucas tried to get her to come with him, but she would have no part of that. She ran her own course for a bit until she ran into cattle at the far south end, in the next pasture. After she realized how big those guys were, she ran back and finally went mostly with Lucas and Mary, and Ed who came to help. She knew what she was doing out there, and was not intimidated at all by the hills, more pushed forward by them. Unfortunately no birds.

Jamie had a lot of independence and a lot of speed, but not always forward. She pointed and held for a long time in a good area for birds, but no birds were produced. Most likely at some point there were birds there, as she worked the area very well after. After 20 min, she was pretty tired, as this was also her first time down. At the end she didn’t want to stop, and took a bit to catch.

Finn ran another very impressive, forward race. He ranged very well for Bob but also listened and stayed with him. No birds, but he was hunting. He also showed no interest in taking water, even though he was obviously a bit tired. At the end he took water, which means he knows he was done. Could probably use some training to take water, whether he wants it or not.

Brace 3: Bently, Silvia, Dawn, 29 min.

Silvia had a very consistent speed forward, but got separated from the rest of the group half way out. She was very hot by the time Phil and Corinne caught her, and brought her to a windmill to cool her down. They let her go, planning on going north, but she decided to go south. Phil and Corinne pursued in chase, and Silvia actually had a couple birds. The first set of birds she might have pointed, but was out of view. On the second group of birds she busted without pointing at all. Phil decided there was no handling her so he picked her up and brought her back on the saddle.

Bently is very unlike his sister Sadie, in that he absolutely wants to please and be with you. He ran a very consistent race, always to the front. About 7 min in, he flash pointed, then went forward, seemingly working a turtle, watching his body language. A second later a chicken got up and he chased. Lucas fired, and Bently soon came back and found another bird, and then 5 more got up. Very great for this almost 2 year old. He took water very well, and was very happy to come. His gait is very nice, and overall he is a very handsome male, holding his tail at 12 o’clock while he runs.

Dawn had a somewhat similar race to last week. She started off a bit slow, and Bob soon realized she had cactus. As soon as he got it off of her, she was a totally new dog. She had more confidence as she ran, which was seen in her tail--going from a 9 o’clock tail while she ran to a 10:30-11:00. No birds, but very nice race.


Ken and Ed took the trailer in right away yesterday afternoon so that training wouldn’t falter.

With all of the dry days in a row, Painters have been making great progress on the haying, and started down at the ranch today! They worked all day, and got the whole first meadow hayed, and half of that baled--awesome work! Since we can now drive on the meadow, we decided to birdwork in the evening.

Birdwork: 6pm, pond in first meadow, huns

Rio: Ed handled, and the purpose was to reinforce training since he made a mistake earlier in the day. He handled it perfectly, tail at 11 o’clock. Great training at right time.

Tequi: Greenbroke dog, purpose was to start off in a positive way. She pointed the bird but took a few steps. Ken moved her back. She took another step, he moved her back again. She stayed and he flushed, but Tequi took a few steps. Ken corrected again, and moved on. Another bird was planted, and she handled perfect. Very good training for this green-broke dog.

Pups: Acey, Ragnar, Dagney, Paris

All pups were worked on checkcord, purpose was to just give them some experience with some birds, get their head into why they are out here. For all the dogs, no one had a solid point, but all had some recognition and chased except for Dagney.

Paris had the most problem finding the bird, but eventually found it and chased. Great work for these young pups.


Mary made an excellent dinner of smoked turkey wild rice soup and sweet corn. Since today was so cool compared to the rest of the days in the last week, so soup tasted great!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011:

What a morning! Last night was probably the Worst night of dogs barking ever! The incisive barking was spurred on by 2 dogs getting loose at different times throughout the night--each being a male and giving themselves away to Lucas by Kate and Lily in the trailer.

At 12:30, Ragnar was loose and Lucas caught him, Mary being woken up also and putting him in his trailer. About an hour later, Lucas was again woken up by Kate and Lily barking. He went outside with a light and saw a red flash by the California cul-de-sac. He then found Rio standing by his chain, a clip attached to his collar, but nothing else!

Even after both of these incidents, the dogs barked all night long. Even Lucas, having the Ruff gene of sleeping soundly, was woken up multiple times. Bob, Mary, Ed and Lucas all met outside at 5:30am, the time to wake up, but all irritated and sleepy. Whitney was the only one who slept through everything, only waking up from an icecube placed on her neck by Lucas.

The crew chatted about what to do with those darned barking dogs tonight, then finally decided to go run dogs.



The crew headed over to Triple Gates (though proven today by Bob and Lucas to Ed and Mary that it is Technically a Quadruple Gate, with only 3 gates ever closed) and ran the picnic hill section with pups.

Brace 1: Dagney and Ragnar, 22 min

This was Dagney’s first time off of horseback, and Ragnar’s second time (though hearing from Mary, his first time was in Joliet, but for only 5 min). Keeping this in mind, these pups did a very nice job. They kept towards the front most of the time, but ran out of energy by 15 min. No birds, but made some good moves and at points had nice energy and drive.

Brace 2: Acey and Paris, 17 min

Acey made a long cast off to the side and took Lucas and Bob a little while to get her back on track. By the time they got her to stop chasing tweety birds far away, she was pretty tired. She didn’t have any game birds, but had lots of energy and a nice race--hunting all the while.

Paris also had a huge improvement from the Eagle trial, and even foothandling last week. She ran with energy and stayed with us. She didn’t have a bird, but saw one get up and chased it for a while. She then ran back to where it got up. Smart pup! Great job.


With the ATV still out of commission, Lucas and Bob roaded the old-fashioned way: off of horseback.

Lucas’ Horse: 27 min

Bob's Horse: 27 min

Erin and Shauna looked like pros, pulling very hard against the harness. Galt figured the game out pretty quickly, however Tequi had the most issues figuring it out. Watching Bob’s horse and dogs in front helped, and soon all the dogs were pulling very well. Water at 12.


Reinforcements come today! Last minute things are being done to make their transition as easy as possible. Whitney cleaned out Old Blue, and Lucas worked on the write-up. Ed made counter-production by breaking the shower--whoops! Plumber Bob has been called!


The gang has arrived! The Boss and Linda pulled in finally around 5pm after a long journey from Illinois the day before. For them and us, it was like coming back home. The evening was spent helping set up Phil’s trailer and get the puppies and horses situated.

Mary made southern green beans, pulled pork and spiral cut turkey--awesome!

Monday, August 1, 2011:

With the heat index supposed to be over 100 by 9am, the crew decided to get up as early as they had been (5:30am). The ATV is also still out of commission, so no roading will happen today. Rats!


In keeping with a good pasture rotation, we headed out to Hitchcocks section and a half just east of camp. Upon arriving, it was noticed that the field that used to be a large CRP, owned by Greg Wilke, was now all corn, with a large irrigation pipe system set up. So much corn!

Brace 1: Lea and Brenna, 40 min

Lea was handled by Whitney, as she will run her in the fall to gain experience as a handler. Lucas was helping her, staying close as to make sure Lea handled for her. At 5 min in, Lea had a good stop to flush 30 yards to the side. Whitney and Lucas walked over, but Lea started to break. Lucas yelled ‘HO’ but she was gone. Knowing that the dog knew she didn’t have a collar on, and that she would completely blow Whitney off if something wasn’t done, Lucas tried to run her down.

She started to take a dump about 20 yards from Lucas, and he jumped off and sprinted towards her. When he was about 10 ft from her, her eyes widened like saucers, not expecting this at all! She took off, Lucas sped up and dove, grabbing her by the skin of her thigh. She yelped, and he picked her up and took her back to where she made the mistake. He put her down and said very forcefully “HO”. He then had Whitney say Ho, flush in front, throw a piece of grass, and fire her gun. After this, Lea handled perfectly for her.

She had 2 backs on Brenna that she handled automatically, Whitney jumping down and giving her mental encouragement. She didn’t have a huge front race, and was very tired by the end, but most likely due to not being in shape. No reason to push a 10 year old dog, though. No other birds.

Brenna ran about the same style of race Lea did, short to medium range. She had some corrections with pointing lots of turtles, and one well handled stop to flush. She, like Lea, was worn out at the end, probably ran these girls too long. But very good training overall.

Brace 2: Mariah and Ritha, 30 min

Mariah ran a very nice, front moving race. She needed some correction on a stop to flush, as she took some steps. Very low setting on the collar is all that is needed with her. Had one more correction near the end when she started to run blow-offy. That was all she needed to stay with Lucas, and overall a nice race for a girl not competing in the fall. No other birds.

Ritha did a very nice job, but no birds. She listened well and was hunting the whole time. Was medium to far range in front at all times.


This afternoon was spent getting the final preparations ready for Ken and Linda and gang (Phil, Corinne, Kathryn, Nicolette). Bob, Lucas and Ed set up the puppy kennels for the 5 8-week-old Lilly/Galt pups and Ashley, the 16-week-old Mariah/Clifford pup. When the gang arrives tomorrow, they will set up the shade-a-pups so they always have good shade.

Lucas added a section of sprinkler hose to the south end for Mocha, Tootsie and Galt. Mary and Whitney came to help add a few more nozzles and make sure it was working well. Just about when you think “Man, its getting hot!” the sprinklers come on. Perfect timing!

Lucas and Ed spent a long time trying to figure out what was wrong with the ATV. Following the directions from the online manual, the chain didn’t seem to be loosening or tightening at all--very frustrating. They believe that the chain is pretty old, and therefore needs to be replaced. Hopefully tomorrow they can figure that out more.

Since today was so hot, the crew decided to have dinner in town at the Golden Steer before doing chores. Joe McBride showed up and joined us for dinner; and had some Rocky Mountain Oysters!

Even at 8:00pm, the temperature was still hovering at 90 degrees! It’s supposed to cool down tomorrow, let’s hope that happens!

Sunday, July 31, 2011:

Today has a heat advisory, so we got up early to head down far south to the two half-pastures. Ed stayed back at the ranch to road 3 braces of dogs.


Brace 1: 21 min, time: 6:15, t: cool

Dogs did well, Galt and Tequi pulled, Lily off to the side.

Brace 2: 21 min

Kate pulled the most, moved Rhett to the other group since Kate is in season.

Brace 3: 20 min

Both did a nice job, are in shape from running around the yard, both pulled.

Brace 4: 8 min
Senior Brace with Indy!
The 12 year old Indy was wondering why she was here, so Ed gave her a light 8 min roading brace for fun. She thanked him a lot!



Drove to far south half-pastures. Got delayed on one hill on the way there, but didn’t get completely stuck, and didn’t have to take horses out either. That Ruff gene is just too strong!

Brace 1: Erin 35 min; Kate and Jordie 45 min; all Irish

To avoid the heat, we decided to run 2 braces of 3 dogs, and with 6 people, each handler had a scout. We rode into the southernmost half-section, then into Hitchcocks half-section to the west, with the large, steep hills.

Erin shot out at the beginning, but soon realized he was pretty out of shape. He was corrected right at the start for not coming with Lucas, and ever after listened perfectly. He’s a very mature dog, and knows the game well. Unfortunately no game birds, but we had an incident with a redtail hawk. The bird of prey flew up when the dogs came near, but landed rather close. Erin got near and Lucas shocked him to stay away, as was not listening. Luckily all the dogs avoided what could have been a very ugly situation! Phew!

Erin slowed down in the middle, but hunted well. More roading and running and he’ll be perfect.

Dennis’ Jordie was handled by Whitney and ran nice. Had one spectacular find, and one good one. Kate has been worked hard over the past week and is handling much better, but still not broke, busted a few birds. Dennis says this dog could be a two year process, but once she’s broke, she’ll be dangerous.

Brace 2: Shauna, Sol, Sammy (pointer), 50 min

This brace was run in that southernmost pasture. 5 min in, we had a pretty ugly situation. Sol went on point in front of us, in the flatter part of the pasture. Bob thought it was Shauna, and got off his horse to flush. Dennis questioned him, while at the same time Shauna went on point 100 yards ahead. Lucas yelled to Bob that his dog was on point, but he was still confused; obviously in need of a refresher course in handling (Bob wrote this!). Shauna then broke and Lucas yelled to tap her, which he did and then sorted her out. Meanwhile, Sammy came in and chased the birds Shauna put up. All the while Sol held his point, making it slightly less ugly than it could have been. Fortunately, things improved a bit as we went on.

After the messy correction, Shauna turned it on. She had one find where because of how she came up perpendicular to the wind, as she pointed, a bird got up. Then about 10 more chickens got up around her. She handled perfect. After a correction on listening and going with us, she rolled in front, fast. A little out of shape as time went on, but nice race. She had another find that seemed like a turtle find, Bob shouted ‘get outta there’, but turned out to be a bird. More of a bump-to-point, but good correction. Finished the course strong and in front. Bob needs a bit more instruction and electrical stimulation.

Sammy gave Dennis a run for his money. He had to chase him down to put the collar on him, as it was originally on Sol. Before he got it on though, she busted a bunch of coveys. After using the collar for some correction, she handled much better for him.

Sol had 3 great finds and acted like an old reliable dog. Race front and medium range, this is the dog Dennis expected to see yesterday. Solid race.

This brace, we saw in total upwards of 100 very young chickens, most all of them worked on, or busted by Sammy. Very good training with these 3, great to see so many birds!

Bob and Lucas made it back to the trailer first with Shauna, so Bob went to open the gate. As he did, because of the spring being so tight, the lever slipped and smacked him in the eye area. Luckily it HJV’ actually hit his eye, but blood was streaming down his face when Lucas gave him something to stop the bleeding. Also lucky we had Renee with us! She cleaned the wounds (2 small gouges under his eye and top side of his nose) and bandaged them. Now he just needs to go get a tetanus shot! After 23 years of opening these gates you’d think he’d have it down.

At the end of this brace the temperature had risen considerably. Glad we got done when we did! Tomorrow we need to be out there earlier than 7, like we have been.


After we returned to camp Jason came down with one horse and said that he was going down south to move some cattle north. Bob encouraged Whitney and Renee to help him out. So Jason went home to pick up two more horses (Taz and Jesse) for them to ride. Then they, along with Bob, drove south to move the cattle. Once there, Jason, Renee and Whitney rode off to survey the pasture to find all the cattle while Bob waited for Roger to come by to pick him up. Once all the cattle were gathered together they were driven north toward the gate. Renee and Whitney were doing quite well and all that was needed was Renee’s guitar to add a bit of local color.

Once near the gate most of the cattle went through without a problem, however, there were two young calfs that resisted and one ran the fence line south toward Renee. All eyes were on Renee to save the day but, all of a sudden, a polar front moved through and Renee froze. The calf ran by her for freedom. Jason, stuck to his horse like glue, rode to the rescue with lariat in hand to show the calf who was boss.

All in all, a successful cattle drive and a new experience for Renee and Whitney. Whitney and Jason drove back to camp while Bob and Renee went with Roger to finish distributing salt and minerals to several other herds. Then back to camp for a few beers and lively discussions.


Before dinner, Lucas took Whitney out in the meadows with Lea on a double-length check-cord to work on the Come command. Whitney did great!

Ed heated up some homemade tamales from an old lady from California. They were awesome!

Saturday, July 30, 2011:

Another night without rain, Painters must be thrilled! Crew got up at 5:30 on Dennis’ request--wow!

Yesterday, the chain fell off of the ATV while Bonnie was roading. Last night Dennis and Lucas took a look at it, but they need some chain oil and need to figure out how to tighten it. Roading, unfortunately, did not happen this morning. Lucas plans to fix this for tomorrow’s group.


The plan was to head all the way down to 3 pastures south, but due to a minor mishap, Lucas managed to get the rig a little stuck entering the 2nd pasture south --wouldn’t be a Ruff if he hadn’t!!

Puppies: Group 1

Brace 1: Sadie, Finn, Silvia, 25 min, 2nd pasture south, west side

Mary, Lucas and Bob ran these pups with Renee’s help while Whitney and Ed helped Dennis with his adult dogs. The garmin was put on Sadie, and thank gosh we did! At about 10 min out, Sadie had ran off, after being stuck behind us a while. Lucas used to garmin to find her back near the truck while Bob and Mary rode the rest of the brace. When Lucas found Sadie, she acted as if he wasn’t saying her name or yuping her. He decided to try and run her down and turn her. It worked very well and he eventually caught her while she was drinking from a small pond. Good training that she needs to stay with the horses, and listen when we call her!

Silvia ran a nice race, very ready for the hills. She got caught behind a lot, but Mary called and waited for her to come to the front. Good training on staying in front, and nice medium range. Good stamina throughout.

Finn did a fantastic job for his age. Ran big, in front, and always stayed with Bob. He had 1 find with a chicken, pointed and held, then broke and chased. Came back on Bob’s request. Very nice male, far range, listens well, rolls. Very exciting to watch him run.

*Note* Don’t run 3 dogs without more help next time. Need more eyes and horsepower, especially to keep Sadie with the group and not get sidetracked chasing tweety birds.

Brace 2: Bently and Dawn, SW pasture from triple gates, 25 min, no birds

Bently spent the first 2 min peeing one continuous pee. Needs to be walked on a long checkcord next time. Has a slight problem with loose stools, spent the first half cleansing about 8 times. After he was done, he ran very nice, opened up more, listened very well. He was hunting nicely.

Dawn started off very timid. She was slow, near the horses, and behind a lot. At about halfway, she became a new dog. She opened up a lot, became focused, and rolled. At the end, she was extremely impressive, her rolling pattern being very fluid and natural. Will be exciting to see how she progresses throughout the rest of camp!

Hidalgo Dogs:

Brace 1: Sol and ‘pointer’

Dennis handled ‘pointer’ while Ed handled Sol. Sol was lost at about halfway, last seen heading East. Sol ended up being lost for 3.5 hours, but was finally found at camp, wondering where we had been!

Brace 2: Virgil and Big

Virgil, 1.5 yrs old, had 1 broke find, handled very nicely. Dennis is very happy with his progress! Big had a nice big race, no corrections, and one find that he handled perfectly.

Brace 3: Flint, 45 min

With Sol still missing at this point and the puppies done running, the crew decided to split up and watch for him. Bob and Renee took Dennis’ truck and drove down to the far south-east end and waited. Dennis ran Flint in the Triple Gate pasture with the large pond (SW) from the south gate where the truck was, being aided by Whitney, Mary, and Ed. Lucas stayed at the truck with his horse and rode around slowly on the large hills nearby just looking for Sol.

Flint had one piece of birdwork, but released and needed correction. He also pointed many, many turtles to Dennis’ dismay. Dennis was also having a problem handling him, so Flint ran with chains on to help slow him down. Because of this, his handling improved.


The afternoon was filled with many naps and chilling out. Around 5, Bob used the front end loader tractor to pick up a bunch of sand to fill in holes on the dog line. After a few loads and some shovel man-power, the holes got filled and its much easier to move around. Yay!

Fed dogs afterwards while Dennis made a fantastic home-grown dinner of pheasant fingers, salad with snow-peas and lettuce and sweet corn grown in Olathe Colorado. We’ll have pheasant fingers for a week!

Planned birdwork with pups was put off until Sunday due to a rain cloud. Never got any rain, but it wasn’t worth the risk. No big deal.

Friday, July 29, 2011:

First night without storms! The dogs also slept a lot better, all the young guys getting used to it all.

Roading: 20 min, water: 10, time: 6:30am, t: cool
Erin: Front Left
Brenna: FR
Lea: BR, tied to front
Mariah: BL

Dogs did very well in the cool morning.


Puppy Groups:
Group 1:


Group 2:


Puppies: Group 2

We ran 3 braces of puppies on foot at Triple Gates from Group 2.

Brace 1: Acey and Ragnar, SW pasture, 20 min

Acey ran big and in front; rolled in front, definitely hunting and showing herself. Some concern whether she would stay with us on foot, but she wanted to be with us. Very impressive, definitely ready for horseback.

Ragnar is a bit younger, but fast. Reminds me of Galt the way he speeds off balls-to-the-walls when he smells something he likes. Big male, has a nice loping gait. Ready for horseback.

Brace 2: Paris and Tootsie, NE pasture, 20 min

Tootsie has obviously been foothandled before (Lee Jr.), nice sweeping pattern in front, good medium range. Very snappy, high tail. The dominate female personality, more like Lightning, snappy and front. Very birdy, knew what she was doing, but no birds. Horseback ready!
Paris is a bigger female than Tootsie, nearly ran me over! Has a longer, loping gait, holds her tail at about 10 o’clock. Runs around well, not intimidated at all, medium range. Horseback ready!

Brace 3: Dagney and Mocha, NE pasture, 20 min

Dagney did a very nice job, rolled in front, good range. Her timidness that we’ve noticed on the barrel was completely gone. She showed she was hunting, and focused. Very impressive, listened well. Horseback ready.

Mocha is the only pup that showed a little bit of intimidation. The only times she would run big was when she would chase after Dagney. Not quite sure what she was doing out there, but still ran around alright, never puttered out.

*All the pups were very impressive, and now its obvious why Mary has had a big dilemma choosing out of her 4. Not sure if Tootsie and Mocha are ready for horseback, are just barely 1 yr old. No birds, but good experience.

Hidalgo dogs:
Bonnie ran her dogs while Lucas, Bob, and Mary ran the pups. She was helped by Whitney and Renee.

Brace 1: Kate
Bonnie was working on keeping Kate with her and turning.

Brace 2: Houston and ??

Brace 3: Buck and Jordie
Lucas handled buck for Bonnie, while she handled Jordie. Buck ran a nice race, needed some correction for running off and not listening to turning commands. After the 2 corrections he listened very well and stayed with them.

Jordie ran around nice, not as big as Buck. She had 1 stop to flush. She was running to catch up to Lucas, Bonnie being behind still, and tripped over a chicken. At this point in the morning there was no wind and humid. As soon as the bird got up Jordie pointed and Bonnie flushed another bird. Very nice handling.


Mary and Lucas worked on tweaking the automatic sprinkler system, coming to 8 min off and just under 3 min off. Just about when you think “Its hot” the sprinklers come on. Perfect! They also worked on maintenance for the barrels, moving some dogs around, setting up barrels for the California dogs, and cutting up some of the ground grates that were being used to stop some dogs from digging, but were bent and in the way.

Ed Meyer is our new camp addition--and he’ll be here for the rest of camp, alright!! He showed up midday with hot dogs, horses and himself, but Lucas, Mary, and Whitney were there to help him get settled in.

Earlier in the afternoon Bonnie left and will be back later in camp, but Dennis came later in the evening. Thank you Bonnie for all of your help to setting up!!

Evening Birdwork: 7pm
Puppy Group 1:

Went out near hun birdpen and worked on a fence line perpendicular to the wind.

Finn pointed very nicely with a high, 12 o’clock tail. He broke before Bob could kick up the hun, so Finn grabbed it. Bob got him to release the bird, then it flew away and he let Finn chase it. He caught it again, and upon Bob calling come, he came back straight to Bob. Good start.

Dawn didn’t quite get a point in. She came straight into the wind of the bird, so crept forwards towards it. Never a staunch point, but definitely birdy and could smell it. She pounced in, bird left and she chased. Couldn’t catch it and came back nicely.

Silvia was worked first but the bird left so crew waited until end to work her again. She was very birdy, and flash pointed for an instant before rolling in. No point isn’t a problem, its their first day and probably not used to hun smell.

Overall a great start to getting the pups into their purpose out here!


Dinner happened after birdwork as Bob and Renee stayed in town late. McBrides showed up about while we were cooking and shared some great stories and funny jokes. Jason also stopped by with Ryan and it was good to finally see him! Finally ate dinner in the gazebo this year!! The stars were out again and it felt more like home.

Thursday, July 28, 2011:

Stormed early this morning. Lightning stopped all early morning plans to go out on the hills. Renee made potato pancakes for breakfast and they were delicious! Sat around and drank coffee while Bob read through and edited Lucas’ write-up. Around 9am it stopped raining and Lucas set up the Hidalgo’s ATV with the water pump for roading.

A-team: 20 min, water at 10
Galt: Front Left
Shauna: Front Right
Tequi: Back Left, tied to front
Lily: Back Right

Team did very well, but tired at the end. Stayed overcast and was a very comfortable mid 60s temperature for so late in the morning. Positions are perfect, Galt and Shauna did very well in front, listen to ‘yup’ very well. Tequi needs to be tied to the front and back.

Buckaroo: 20 min, water at 10, 15.
Rhett: Back Left
Kate: Front Right
Ritha: Back Right

At halfway point, the sun came out and the temperature rose very fast. After watering at 10 min, they needed another quick water break at 15. Hot at end, but did well.

Roading path right now goes up to the top of the entrance hill, then down out to the first gate where the cattle are. Usually about 3.5 loops. Hopefully we can figure out a better plan!


Today was a lazy day full of book reading, writing, and sleeping. We had 100 Huns delivered around 1pm and put 50 in each half of the large bird pen. They all look very healthy and were happy to leave their small transportation houses.

Sitting around the table chatting midday, a huge semi suddenly showed up at our backdoor -- food delivery! We stored the palette up in the new barn where we have been in past years.

With the quail also being delivered in Ainsworth at 7pm, the gang decided to have dinner at Pizza Hut after and were joined by Roger and Janet! Great to see them. With it raining every single night so far this week, they have been very busy trying to get hay done.

Wednesday, July 27 2011

Storm overnight with lots of rain. Will put off mowing down here south for at least another week or two. Rats!

With Brophy dogs taking a day of rest, Firefly had a good training day on the hills.

Houston and Jordie:
Pasture a mile sound of Triple Gate.
Houston, a pointer, broke dog ran well in front. Bonnie used chains the day before to slow him down and get a handle on him and it seemed to work today, medium range. Jordie, an Irish, ran about the same range. Both dogs went birdless, but we saw about 25 birds, both chickens and sharptails. Seem to be more sharptails than last year, but still majority chickens. Most were clutches of young birds with their mother.

Kate and Virgil:
Triple Gate SW.
Kate, an Irish, had a similar issue as Houston, running off. Bonnie put chains on a roading harness, but the dog didn’t go very far. After 2 min, she took them off and she was a handful after. Got a good handle at halfway point. No broke finds, but good corrections.

Bob ran Virgil, a 1 1/2 year old pointer, nearly broke on his own. Did a nice job, had a few nice finds, didn’t catch any. Fun to watch and out front.

Put up or worked at least 27 birds, mostly chickens but a few sharptails.


Morning was cool from the rain last night, and the clouds hovered over the south pastures which made the 2 braces a perfect temperature. After we returned Bonnie roaded 2 more dogs out of camp.

More camp setup today, Lucas and Bob set up the gazebo in record time! Mary and Whitney worked more on the mister sprinkler system. On the way back from the morning braces, we checked the big bird pen. Seems to be in great shape, only a few minor fixes that need to be made.

All the birds are arriving tomorrow at different times, so birdwork will start Friday! Feeling well rested from the day off, Brophy dogs will officially start the hard part of bootcamp tomorrow with roading the adult dogs and running some derby dogs!

Special note: Saw the stars tonight and it really felt like home.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Circle Paw Dog Camp opens for business!

Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio crew left Iowa at 8am with a great cool morning for driving 3+ hours. Humidity was gone, and slightly overcast. Trip to Ainsworth from Iowa was an easy drive with a short detour due to a bridge out. Luckily Route 20 wasn’t affected too much by the flooding in Iowa and Nebraska, but 29 southbound was mostly underwater. Lucky for Mary the northbound was open! Crazy.

Entering Ainsworth, Old Blue automatically took Pine street like it has for the past 10+ years, while Bob went though town and headed south on Hwy 7. As we all know, there’s a bit of a competition between the Ruff family and the Geddeis’ on who will arrive at camp first. Last year Corinne and Lucas almost won, however this year Bob managed to hold the title (Amy would be proud). Pine Street was a bit slimey due to rain over night, but drivable. To Lucas, the title was worth the real home stretch feeling.

Temperature was around upper 80’s on arrival and dry. Dogs were cool from the morning drive, horses content. With barrels set up, putting out dogs was a breeze, sprinklers turned on right away.

Dogs found summer homes, all on the front line of the shelter belt. Mary, Lucas, and Whitney got their trailers cleaned and situated while Bob assembled the new bed he brought with--having slept on the old one for over 20 years!!

All gathered in the kitchen, Bob called Lucas “honey”. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!

Bob made a dinner of hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and grilled zucchini--awesome and easy! McBrides showed up before dinner and had some great catching up chats. Big thank you again to them for mowing the front ‘lawn’!

Tomorrow is an easy day for the 23 dogs that showed up today, but we plan to run 4 of Bonnie’s on the hills.

Note: Ragner is a night barker, sounds like Galt. Decided to just let them be for the first night. Mary is convinced his dad, Galt, was whispering to him that it was ok.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bonnie and Dennis are life savers! Over the weekend they set up all the barrels and stakes, and got the house situated. Also, Joe and Lori McBride mowed the grass around the house and the dog area on a 102 degree day. THANK YOU!!!

Heather Lyons arranged for her friend, Kelsie, to clean the house prior to our arrival. They also bug-bombed the house and this made for a great head start in getting camp set up. This has to be a standard procedure in the future!

After some minor brake issues in the early morning, Lucas and Whitney left with the Boss’ rig at 9:30am with 13 dogs and 3 horses. Getting in Old Blue without Ken and Linda didn’t seem right--but they will be joining us next week! YES!!!

The crew met up with Bob and Renee Knutson hauling 4 dogs and 2 horses near Freeport and the convoy started. Bob’s rig looked like the Beverly Hillbilly Clampett’s with a new mattress and bed headboards in the bed of the truck. All he needed was a rocking chair and a fridge to complete the picture. Temperature was a bit hot, but dry. Checked animals just west of Dubuque and all were content.

The convoy picked Sioux City as the destination this year and arrived at 5:30pm. Suggestion for next year is to leave 1 hour later so arrival is at 6:30pm, closer to when the temp might be a bit cooler.

We overnighted at the Day’s Inn Motel which we picked because of its proximity to Eldon’s restaurant where we enjoyed a great dinner and wine list last year. The motel allowed us to park on a grassy area, facing north/south so we’d have more shade for the dogs. All were happy to get out and stretch their legs. Bob pulled out some chairs and, in keeping with a long tradition, offered some adult beverages. Temperature was hot and humid, but cool in the shade, and a nice breeze.

Had a good dinner at Eldon’s followed by some ice cream at Culver’s. Mary rolled in at 11pm after a 14 hour drive and then called it a night.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brphy Red Summer Camp

Saturday 8/21/2010


Robbie, Galt, Annie & Brenna – 54 min. – lookin good!

Shauna, Hank, Rhett & Mariah – 37 min for Shauna & Mariah

the other two ( Hank & Rhett) got – hot and picked up.


Jamie, Bentley - 27 min. – good running, immature pups.

Sadie & Jerry Jeff - 25 min. – plenty of drive and hunt here.

Camp is quiet and chores are getting done but the wind is blowing.

We are going to the rodeo in Valentine tonight. Lee, Linda and I met

Roger and Janet at the restaurant in Valentine Cedar Valley and had

a great meal. After a few laughs and a good meal, Roger & Janet

headed home and we did the rodeo. Had a good time – not the

best rodeo but still fun. Got back to the ranch close to midnight and

had a cool night sleeping.

Sunday 8/22/2010


Lea, Erin & Annie & Lily– 49 min.

Whitley and Rahan'

Hank & Sorrel – 35 min. – Sorrel started out like gangbusters –

reaching to the front and hunting the whole way. Hank was good and

steady on a ST – flush – just bird in air. Several birds working down a

valley and neither dog could get anything pointed. Had a poor

command back on Sorrel. Sent on, Sorrel almost left me and Whitley

went to round him up – Sorrel said – NO Way - I had to go help and
we had a talk and I put the hook on him. Hank finished hunting

nicely. 35 min. + 10 min. of roading for Sorrel.

Rio & Kate – had these two on the ground in the meadow and both

ran nicely but no birds found this morning. Very dry and winds

are growing.

Back to camp and Lee planning on packing up and heading home

this afternoon. He finally got ready and left late afternoon – he's

busy with work and just not able to stay.

Mary do in camp around Tuesday or Wednesday.

Monday, 8/23/2010


Robbie, Galt & Mariah - 50 min.

Brenna, Shauna & Rhett – 47 min.

Camp is very quiet with just Linda and I here for the next couple of

days. We went to town for dinner and had some calls on Monday

night wishing me a Happy Birthday tomorrow. Rumor has it that

I'm having a B-Day but I'm not sure.

This is going to be a very sparse week as far as the write up is doing.

The weather is just plain ugly. Can't even eat out – blowing sand is

just everywhere. 90's for the entire week and winds 20-30 mpg with

gusts up to 45 on some days. Fire alert is high and getting worse

by the day.

Tuesday, 8/24/2010


Lea, Rio, Annie & Kate – 52 min.

Lily, Mariah, Sorrel & Erin – 39 min.

Nice quiet day and just roaded and Linda and I took an afternoon tour

of the sandhills by us. Went down to Rose – over to Burwell – then

Brewster – stopped for a snack in Burwell. In Brewster, Uncle Buc's

wasn't open and most people have said it's only open on the week-


The wind is steady and miserable. A good time to hurt a dog as

everything is very dry. The wind and heat has dried up all of the

ponds – just the lake left. Unbelievable how it's changed. Getting

a bird pointed would be a sure accident.

Mary due in camp tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8/25/2010


Hank, Rhett, Robbie & Shauna – 48 min. – roading is fine – had to

go to town and fix another flat tire. Both Hank & Rhett were

obnoxious bothering the girls all the way around.

Birds in the houses are doing fine. 40 huns left in the big pen and 3 or

4 left in the pond house. A covey of quail are showing up along the

road to camp from the meadows – 15 – 20. Also found 7 or 8

hanging around the house on the Sidell loop. Huns show up in

good numbers along the shelter belt.

Only problem is the dogs smelling them – wind and heat just don't

make for good bird finding weather.

Mary showed up late morning. She actually blew in and figured we're

in the desert now.

Thursday, 8/26/2010


Galt, Robbie, Brenna & Shauna – 51 min.

Hank & Rhett – 27 min.

Well everyday in the mid 90's and rising. Mary worked on a place for

the pups. Cleaned out her trailer but the barrels are blowing away.

She's got them in the trailer.

Linda did the town run plus mail.

Friday, 8/27/2010


Lea, Erin, Kate & Rio – 53 min.

Weather won out and we shut down training for the day. It is a blowin

hot. I'm tired of talking about heat and wind – from now I'll refer to

the weather as ' son of XXXXXXXX' - which means 90+ and 30 +


Our California friends are leaving home today and plan on arriving

sometime on Saturday. Vickie, Dave & Ed are coming for the week.

Bob G should be driving in from Wichita.

We went to town and did some shopping at Ranchland ( new boots for

me) and a purse for Linda plus some shopping at the Rusty Petal.

We then had a lunch at the Circle where Linda contracted 'BAR

NECK' – you need to contact her to find out her definition of

Bar Neck. Only Linda can do it justice.

Back to camp and a long nap for everyone 2 hours plus. Chores

and a plan to go see the High School football game – decided that

the wind and the bleacher seats would do this crew in so we went

to dinner at the Golden Steer. A great meal and a fun waitress and

we had a good time. Just finishing and Mike and Peggy Hitchcock

( Mike's Birthday) came in and we ended up talking forever and they finally joined us about the time I saw the whole Seidel Family. Even

the 2 year old & 3 month old grandson. (John's Birthday). They've been haying hard so we haven't seen them very much all summer.

We closed up the restaurant and moved over to the bar with our

crew ( Bob Geddeis – made it in at about 8:30). He had just

come back with his new Ford Pick up truck – Bob can play with

the big boys. now. A few minutes after we got settled Joe and

Lori McBride showed up and the party went on. We just had

fun telling stories of our - Adventures in the Sandhills – soon

to be released as a Reality Show for Cowboys and Trophy

Wives ------- you have to be there for that one!!!

We finally headed home after a fun evening.

Saturday, August 28, 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!!!!!!

Roading: Linda had a caffeine headache and Bob a stress headache

from his long trip ( and a couple of scotches too smooth the stress)

Go figure but the lights were a little wobbly this morning. I decided

to give Linda a break and did the roading.

Quite cool but the wind was a blown very hard. The coolness made

it bearable.

Robbie, Annie, Rhett & Sorrel – 53 solid minutes. The best I've

seen Sorrel road as he is definitely rounding into shape. All of them

are looking good.

Galt, Brenna, Mariah & Lily – 54 min.

Dave, Vickie & Ed arrived around 4:00 PM. They had a long trip and

lots of wind the last few hours. We had a great dinner – a special cut

steak (hanger) and southern green beans. A very nice evening.

Sunday, August 29, 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!!!!!!!!

Still warm forcast for today but not as bad. We're planning a lot

getting done.

Roading: I took over the Roading duties for Linda on her birthday.

Lea, Erin, & Shauna – 55 min.

Hank, Rio & Katie – 45 min

Shelter Belts:

Finn, Dawn & AC – 20 min. – these 3 show lots of hunt and plenty of independence.

Ragner & Sylvia – 15 min. took off like…….. crazy pups – reaching from the get/go – they were gone for most of the brace.

Dagney & Paris – getting hot and these two didn't show a lot of

independence but did stay front and hunted.


Jerry Jeff – Bob took Jerry on the hills and worked him on come.

he's doing fine and showed a desire to listen.

Bird Work:

Jamie – 2nd birdwork on a checkcord – she worked in and jammed the point. Gorgeous style and great intensity – unhooked her for

picture and rehooked her – never moved. She's showing a lot of

class – want to see her point one on the hills! I let her go to chase but she was so focused on where it had been that she didn't see where it went.

Bentley – good work and ended up being pretty close to the bird but a good point. We let the bird go and he never caught the flight path so no chase.

Jerry Jeff – worked him in and got a slight point – showed a desire to

point but not a rock solid.

Sadie – she wasn't in the right places with the wind but she showed

a nose and desire to dive in – we let her play with one – soft mouth –

liking the bird.


Red & Rt Shoulder – hunted around and got in the cover – showed

desire and good running gear.

Blue & Rt Side : Red still #1 with Blue and Right side tied and Rt.

Shoulder no slacker - v/good job for only 14 weeks old.

A long morning working a whole bunch of dogs. Dogs are looking in

good condition. It was warming up in the early afternoon so we

called it a day. Mary starting to pack up – she leaves on Tuesday.

Dave, Vickie and Ed are unpacking as they'll be here all week. We

had Pheasant Ala King with Vickie's famous Chocolate Cake for dessert. Several Happy Birthday tunes for Linda. Jason & Heather, Joe, Lori. Whitley and Rhe'Ann came over to help celebrate. A fun

night as we closed the party down. Happy Birthday to our Roading Queen.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A cooler night and nice morning. Possibility of rain this afternoon.

We'll have a better day for the dogs.


Robbie, Galt, Annie & Brenna – 59 min.

Rhett, Sorrel & Mariah – 49 min. Warmed up for the 2nd brace

and we cut it a bit short. Dogs all look fix and ready for the work.


Jamie: - couldn't get it pointed and dove in on the bird. Let it fly

and put her up. She doesn't need to catch one.

Bently – Great point, wonderful style and solid.

Sadie – Better point but not perfect yet.

Jerry Jeff - worked the fenceline and gave Dave a very nice point.

Storm moving in or so they say. We did more chores as the heat was back up pretty high in upper 80's. Storm rolled in and let loose – some of us braved sitting in the gazebo and got a bit damp. Linda & Vickie stayed inside to work on the puzzle. Storm was dumping water but didn't last long. Less then ½ " and about 1" up by Rogers. Town got hit with a microburst that knocked down 2 buildings and many trees with lots of tree damage at the cemetery. No injuries so that was good. We have no power and might have to change plans about dinner. Vickie & Linda used flashlights to work on the puzzle! The whole town was out but it finally came on and we cooked ½ of our Lou Pizzas for dinner.This was followed by Lori's Lemon & Orange Sherbert Ice Cream Cake – delicious and very pretty with frozen lemon's on top. Vickie & Mary had to remove the lemons in order

to cut the cake. The cake was so refreshing that Mary said

"I wonder if we can eat these lemons" as she popped one in her mouth.

The frozen lemon slice lodged on the roof of Mary's mouth – like

licking a flagpole in winter – running around the kitchen trying to

pluck the lemon from her mouth and looking for something more soothing to replace it – Mary exclaims, "Oh 'Thit' – the 'anther' would be NO!!!" Linda & Vickie unfortunately couldn't help poor Mary because they couldn't stop rolling on the floor! The three girls laughed

about it for the rest of the night and ever since. Mary did get to put in

the last piece to the puzzle. Good times at camp! Very cool out after the storm – great sleeping weather.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Break #3- midday on 8/21/2010

……………… and so the story goes. I hate to keep mentioning it but

did I tell you how hot it is out here. Another blazing afternoon with

dogs needing a break. We got the misters going and shade a pup for

all the young dogs in the front yard.

Many good dogs in spite of the weather. Lily's comback is continuing

at a very good pace. Young dogs continue to shine and show me they

are destined to be very competitive dogs. The young 'green broke '

dogs – Rio ( he's at the top) and Galt – now moving forward at a good


Relaxing afternoon – did the write up and just copied some notes. Roger finished up mowing and bailing. Start moving equipment home. Hay, while not in the huge quantities they had last year, the quality was outstanding. We've seen a few dinner but not a lot. Birds continue to show up in different places – that's a good sing.

Monday, August 9, 2010 – Monday has Bonnie coming to camp today. I have the typical Monday backlog to handle for work.


Lea, Erin, Sorrel & Mariah - 40 min.

Robbie, Annie, Brenna & Rhett – 41 min.

Bart – on the IR list – got an abscess in the side of his jaw – he's been worked the least and get's hurt the worst. Go figure!!!!

Meadows – birdwork

Jamie – worked on a checkcord – got a so/so point. Working with Bob on the come routine and he's doing good.

Jerry Jeff – good checkcord bird – wouldn't fly well so we couldn't let him chase. Bob worked several days on come and he's doing goo.

Bonnie arrived late afternoon and got set up – we decided to hit town for Supper – went to the Golden Corral and had a very good meal. Saw 'Boss Hog' at the restaurant. Him and Bev are off to St. Louis for their son Scott's wedding. They're sure looking forward to a vacation. Both work at the Hog operation and are doing great.

A pleasant evening with a chance of thunders showers tonight. We could use some rain.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - Wow!!!!! big windy storm last night – long rolling thunder,

sheet lightning and about 1" of rain. Pretty noisey in the trailers and

we have a pretty good leak in the bathroom.


Robbie, Kate & Houston(Bonnie's dog) – 42 min.

Lily – 32 min. – doing good.

Shauna & Sol - Sol pointed while Shauna failed to acknowledge the

find and got corrected. Sol went as she knocked and went on to chase

a deer. Not a pretty brace 31min.

Hank & Gus – this started out rotten with the 2 standing each other

off and finally going at it toe to toe. Finally broken apart enouch to

use the collar and we regained control of the situation. Not a pretty

picture. 20 ugly min.


Sadie & Stoney – Sadie ran around pretty nice with Stoney hanging

to Sadie's tail. 20 min.

Bentley & Jimmie – Jimmie made a few nice moves and disappeared

appearing to have gotten birds. Bentley not bad but not up to Jim-mie's performance. No Birds for Bentley. – 20 min.

Young pups are all doing fine around horses.

Plenty of naps around for about everyone.

Roger decided to move cattle on Monday and had all kinds of problems with some young bulls. Not a good day for Roger & Jason.

We had a good dinner and just relaxed – waiting a cool front that hasn't appeared on the radar yet!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

97 degrees predicted for today and very hunid right off the bat.

We had a birdwork session planned for today. Let's see what we

can get done.


Lea, Erin, Sorrel & Mariah - 46 min with all kinds of puddles for

the dogs to get cool in. They loved it – Lily is quite sure about just

juming into the water.

Lily – 35 min. – no sign of lameness or stamina problems. She is

coming along just fine.


Galt – still by himself and under control. 1st a NP at the spot we had

dropped a bird but too thick to relocate a green dog. The 2nd one was

a solid, stylish point with good manners on flush and shot. He went

on nicely and we ended up on a positive note.

Shauna & Sol - A STB for Shauna and came back to Bob when whoa

Another STB as we crossed the field then a NP on the SE side of the

pond followed by a back on Sol. Sol a back, a point with manners

and a handling race.

Acey & Jimmie - from camp – Jimmy a big race and a sign he was

chasing – and Acey – good hunt with speed and range. No bird.

Tippy & Fin – a little plaly out of Fin at the beginning & Tippy had

2 contacts, catching one and a flash point and chase on the 2nd run.

Fin – nice job – shows he likes the edge and ran nicely.

Dawn & Stoney - Tippy showed up and then everyone was gone

for awhile. Dawn some real nice moves and good independence –

Stoney hooked Tippy for a ride. Dawn did a very nice job. All

these pups are showing promise.

We had one more brace to run but the weather was already sultry. A afternoon with basic chores getting done. Bob got the timer going on the water misters and it's going a good job of keeping the dogs cool.

We went to McBride's for dinner and had a fun evening. Joe & Lauri are off to Chicago for a fun weekend. Go figure – while we're here.

Bob still trying to get Linda's computer hooked up to the wireless

with very little success. We have to make some changes next year.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Galt, Annie, Brenna & Katie – 45 min.

Rhett, Rio & Mariah – 42 min.


Houston & Robbie – Both started a little slow with Houston getting

stronger as the brace went on – 1 contact that he chased. 40+ min.

Robbie being worked on to stay front – did okay the 1st half then had

a shakey piece of work – stopping but roading in a bit as they flushed.

Worked and sent on – she never got totally on tract – made some very

nice moves but tended to negate them. 45 min.

Buck & Sorrel – Buck a nice reaching forward race but no birds as it's

heating up early. Sorrel – started very strong and then had a bird in the

air chase – corrected and sent on – came back at 20 and was wasted –

took him to water and he perked up at the end but never as strong as

the early part.


Jamie & Jerry (formerly Jerry Jeff) - Jamie – hunted around with

some big moves after tweety birds – pleny of drive and a nice way

of going. Jerry has good speed and shows bird desire – some hook-

ing his bracemate but finished with Bob calling him in and he did it

quite well – good progress on the 'come'. 25 min .

Another day of hot weather. Bob has several projects going on as he's

planning on leaving on Saturday. Bonnie gone tomorrow to Wiscon-

sin. At least she got a few days out here this year. Dennis will be back for the weekend with his friend Scott.

Devin, Shannon & Mason came to dinner. We had a nice visit. Devin

has a hunting trip planned with Dennis over the Labor Day weekend.

Sounds like fun.

Very warm at bedtime but it cooled during the night.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bonnie got off fairly area – heading to Wisconsin for Julie's services

her son's wedding next Saturday. Julie was Jim & Pat Gleash's

daughter who passed away recently.

Dennis is due in camp with his friend Scott for the weekend. They

will get in late tonight.

We're going to work the meadows today. We had to hold off as there

is a large rain storm coming our way.


Galt: worked him off foot on the meadow and had a good find on the

1st bird and clean on 2nd but was a bit tentative with the flush.

Shauna: Worked her on birds – did pretty good and made her stand a

long time before flushing. Great style and intensity.

A good storm marched through – more noise then rain but still held us

up for the day. Bob some time packing and getting ready to leave very

early on Saturday. He also got the front end loader going and filled in

some large holes dug by Galt, Katie & Rhett. We had to move Bart

to the trailer and Galt got the end.

Saturday, August 14

Denny rolled in about midnight and Bob left about 4:00 am. He has

work to do and trying to buy a new vehicle.


Robbie, Annie, Brenna & Hank – Dogs did good for 47 min but

Hank isn't too happy some days.

Lily: 35 min at a steady 7-8mph.


Erin & Sammy – Erin appeared to hunt well with decent range but

Sammy a bigger SD race. Bird seen but nobody got them pointed.

A distant STF. 46 min.

Big & Lea: No birds for Lea but Scott had work with Big. 35 min.

Gus & Rhett – my intention was to work Rhett for just a few minutes

- we cast the two off together and Gus growled but Rhett went with

me and no problem. Gus was encouraged to go on and did so. From

that time on we had 2 powerful dogs reach for big country. Rhett in

the area when a large covey left and had a 2nd stf – not the best work

but it got him thinking. 30 min.

Jamie, Jimmie and Stoney – Jamie and Jimmie had strong races with

Jamie running 20 plus 15 on the meadow.

Dennis & Scott ran some more dogs up into the hills and working birds. They moved a couple of bunches in the Bull pasture.

We got a lot done today and waited for the heat. Dennis took Scott around to meet a couple of ranchers and visit. Naps were the order of the afternoon. Roger and the whole Painter clan were coming over and we were planning on pheasant paprikash – great meal and a fun time visiting. The evening was quite pleasant – hoping for a general cool down. Everyone from the Painter family came except Heather who was off on an adventure.

Sunday, August 15

warming up again. We're going to work some dogs and then Dennis and Scott will be heading back to Denver. Devin came down and road - working on training some horse time on Dennis's horse. He's a good hand and fun to have him out there.


Galt, Shauna, Kate – 46 min.

Mariah, Lily - 36 min.

Shelter Belt:

Fin, Dawn & Acey – worked these 3 up the belt to move some of the

Huns running in there. Good for the pups – some pointing from Fin &

Acey – couldn't see Dawn.

Meadow/ Hills:

Buck and Rio: 35 min for these two no birds for Buck but a big race

while it wasn't one of Rio's best times , he still had a nice find.

Big & Sorrel - 35 min. Big had a NP followed by a good find with

Sorrel having a back and Stop to Bump crowding a wild chicken.

Sadie & Bentley – ran all over the meadow with Tippy and Sam – not sure which ones were braced but Tippy had a good covey of quail fine.

Jami - took her out on a checkcord – got solid points and she let me style her up – we flushed and killed the birds for her – she ran over to

them to investigate. She like this for sure!!

That was it for the Colorado gang as Bonnie and Dennis have other commitments but at least they got a few days. As always we had some great food and lots of fun. It appeared that Scott had fun and some very nice dogs.

Camp is quiet now with Linda and I alone until Lee makes it out some time on Wednesday. Lots of work for us but lots of quiet time too.

Monday, August 16

This became a total day off. We did house things and trips to the

dump and shopping but no dog work. A bit cooler today but we still

needed a break.

We went to town for dinner on Monday night.

Tuesday, August 17

A cool morning with plenty of dew. No one due in today so we're on

our own.


Galt, Annie, Brenna & Rio – 61 min. This is the first group to break

the 1 hr. mark. Linda is doing an awesome job of getting the crew in

shape. They are all very well settled in and the young dogs are doing


Shauna, Lily and Mariah: This was Lily's 6 month anniversary of

her surgery. She's clear from the doctors to do it all!!!!!!! She had

been gradually roaded and is now up to 42 min. @ 8-9 MPH. She's

doing great – we'll start birdwork this week.

Fin, Dawn & Acey – worked the shelter belt with these 3 and they

hunted around good – mainly front and a ccuple of birds leaving.

A good spot to work these dogs.

Devin and Shanon came over and visited this evening. Had a great

great visit with them and Mason.

Wednesday, August 18

Happy Birthday Stan!! It's a good one – but don't party too hard

with that bad back. Mr. Geddeis is back in town - he can party for


Our day was highlighted by heat and a flat tire on the truck – must've

picked up something at the dump. Got it all fixed – Lee was coming

in this morning. Devin, Shannon & Mason came over to visit and

have some mean stir fry. We did a little celebrating for Stan's B-Day



Lea, Erin & Robbie – 40 min.

Thursday, August 19

Cool morning but the heat is coming back. We'll do a bunch this



Galt, Brenna, Shauna & Hank – 47 min.

Kate, Lily & Mariah – 44 min. – Lily getting up with the big guns

@ 8 mph

Shelter Belt – cover

Joy pups – 4 together – all had a great time. 15 min.

Galt - collar moved to his neck and haven't used it in quite awhile.

2 finds both mannerly and stylish. 2nd one very difficult over the

head flush – acceptable mark – little settle but solid.

Robbie – Stylish tight – 10 am style point. VG manners with no

voice commands.

Hank – Mannerly w/high tail but not a lot of pizzazz from Hank


Rhett – mannerly and stylish for this boy and plenty of Pizzazz –

the light switch is on for this boy.

Rio – good nose and a nice find with good manners. A long walk to

him but waited. 2nd find – more of a running bird and ended up

with STF – still okay and manners are solid.

Sorrel - nice run bu he knows the game and he is working the area

pointing as he goes. A solid and very stylish find with good

manners on the first one – 2nd one he crowded – corrected gently

- no collar on him – just doing it – getting very fit and maintaining

his weight this trip.

We had a big day and many naps around camp. Misters doing there

job and keeping the crew cool. Joe & Lori with Whitley and ReAn

came to a Mexican dinner we had – courtesy of Lee (Skirt Stakes –

etc) and Tamales from Ed. Great meal.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The heat is back – plans to say for 5 more days. A trip to the vet this

morning to scan our Joy puppies – there shaved spots had grown

out quicker then we expected.


Lea, Erin, Rhet and Annie – 52 min. – Had Robbie on the

schedule but she was not comfortable with the harness. Rather

then take a chance – Linda switched her and we'll check later.


Fin, Dawn & Acey – 15 min – on the meadow and just letting

them hunt. More and more indepence for this group.


Sorrel – ran around nicely and hunted – very hard point and very

good manners the worked him in on a 2nd. Should've stopped at

one – he pointed, then crowded and then dove – no bird but he

thought there was – and I just called it a day.

Rhett & Mariah – Rhett rolled – Mariah a short meat dog – got them

going down the same line and Mariah pointed nicely with Rhett a

very well done back. Both dogs perfect manners – onward Rhett

was ready for another brace ( been roaded 52 min. this morning).

Lily – we just wanted this done right and she went out and had a nice

move down an edge. Classy point with good manners – great job for

such a long layoff.

We had a good morning and time to call it – Heat is rising. We all did

some chores and went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Came back and nap

time – then time for chores. The Beat Goes On – Roger hung out for

supper and we had a fun night.

Break # 3 – midday on 8/21/2010