Saturday, August 21, 2010

Break #3- midday on 8/21/2010

……………… and so the story goes. I hate to keep mentioning it but

did I tell you how hot it is out here. Another blazing afternoon with

dogs needing a break. We got the misters going and shade a pup for

all the young dogs in the front yard.

Many good dogs in spite of the weather. Lily's comback is continuing

at a very good pace. Young dogs continue to shine and show me they

are destined to be very competitive dogs. The young 'green broke '

dogs – Rio ( he's at the top) and Galt – now moving forward at a good


Relaxing afternoon – did the write up and just copied some notes. Roger finished up mowing and bailing. Start moving equipment home. Hay, while not in the huge quantities they had last year, the quality was outstanding. We've seen a few dinner but not a lot. Birds continue to show up in different places – that's a good sing.

Monday, August 9, 2010 – Monday has Bonnie coming to camp today. I have the typical Monday backlog to handle for work.


Lea, Erin, Sorrel & Mariah - 40 min.

Robbie, Annie, Brenna & Rhett – 41 min.

Bart – on the IR list – got an abscess in the side of his jaw – he's been worked the least and get's hurt the worst. Go figure!!!!

Meadows – birdwork

Jamie – worked on a checkcord – got a so/so point. Working with Bob on the come routine and he's doing good.

Jerry Jeff – good checkcord bird – wouldn't fly well so we couldn't let him chase. Bob worked several days on come and he's doing goo.

Bonnie arrived late afternoon and got set up – we decided to hit town for Supper – went to the Golden Corral and had a very good meal. Saw 'Boss Hog' at the restaurant. Him and Bev are off to St. Louis for their son Scott's wedding. They're sure looking forward to a vacation. Both work at the Hog operation and are doing great.

A pleasant evening with a chance of thunders showers tonight. We could use some rain.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - Wow!!!!! big windy storm last night – long rolling thunder,

sheet lightning and about 1" of rain. Pretty noisey in the trailers and

we have a pretty good leak in the bathroom.


Robbie, Kate & Houston(Bonnie's dog) – 42 min.

Lily – 32 min. – doing good.

Shauna & Sol - Sol pointed while Shauna failed to acknowledge the

find and got corrected. Sol went as she knocked and went on to chase

a deer. Not a pretty brace 31min.

Hank & Gus – this started out rotten with the 2 standing each other

off and finally going at it toe to toe. Finally broken apart enouch to

use the collar and we regained control of the situation. Not a pretty

picture. 20 ugly min.


Sadie & Stoney – Sadie ran around pretty nice with Stoney hanging

to Sadie's tail. 20 min.

Bentley & Jimmie – Jimmie made a few nice moves and disappeared

appearing to have gotten birds. Bentley not bad but not up to Jim-mie's performance. No Birds for Bentley. – 20 min.

Young pups are all doing fine around horses.

Plenty of naps around for about everyone.

Roger decided to move cattle on Monday and had all kinds of problems with some young bulls. Not a good day for Roger & Jason.

We had a good dinner and just relaxed – waiting a cool front that hasn't appeared on the radar yet!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

97 degrees predicted for today and very hunid right off the bat.

We had a birdwork session planned for today. Let's see what we

can get done.


Lea, Erin, Sorrel & Mariah - 46 min with all kinds of puddles for

the dogs to get cool in. They loved it – Lily is quite sure about just

juming into the water.

Lily – 35 min. – no sign of lameness or stamina problems. She is

coming along just fine.


Galt – still by himself and under control. 1st a NP at the spot we had

dropped a bird but too thick to relocate a green dog. The 2nd one was

a solid, stylish point with good manners on flush and shot. He went

on nicely and we ended up on a positive note.

Shauna & Sol - A STB for Shauna and came back to Bob when whoa

Another STB as we crossed the field then a NP on the SE side of the

pond followed by a back on Sol. Sol a back, a point with manners

and a handling race.

Acey & Jimmie - from camp – Jimmy a big race and a sign he was

chasing – and Acey – good hunt with speed and range. No bird.

Tippy & Fin – a little plaly out of Fin at the beginning & Tippy had

2 contacts, catching one and a flash point and chase on the 2nd run.

Fin – nice job – shows he likes the edge and ran nicely.

Dawn & Stoney - Tippy showed up and then everyone was gone

for awhile. Dawn some real nice moves and good independence –

Stoney hooked Tippy for a ride. Dawn did a very nice job. All

these pups are showing promise.

We had one more brace to run but the weather was already sultry. A afternoon with basic chores getting done. Bob got the timer going on the water misters and it's going a good job of keeping the dogs cool.

We went to McBride's for dinner and had a fun evening. Joe & Lauri are off to Chicago for a fun weekend. Go figure – while we're here.

Bob still trying to get Linda's computer hooked up to the wireless

with very little success. We have to make some changes next year.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Galt, Annie, Brenna & Katie – 45 min.

Rhett, Rio & Mariah – 42 min.


Houston & Robbie – Both started a little slow with Houston getting

stronger as the brace went on – 1 contact that he chased. 40+ min.

Robbie being worked on to stay front – did okay the 1st half then had

a shakey piece of work – stopping but roading in a bit as they flushed.

Worked and sent on – she never got totally on tract – made some very

nice moves but tended to negate them. 45 min.

Buck & Sorrel – Buck a nice reaching forward race but no birds as it's

heating up early. Sorrel – started very strong and then had a bird in the

air chase – corrected and sent on – came back at 20 and was wasted –

took him to water and he perked up at the end but never as strong as

the early part.


Jamie & Jerry (formerly Jerry Jeff) - Jamie – hunted around with

some big moves after tweety birds – pleny of drive and a nice way

of going. Jerry has good speed and shows bird desire – some hook-

ing his bracemate but finished with Bob calling him in and he did it

quite well – good progress on the 'come'. 25 min .

Another day of hot weather. Bob has several projects going on as he's

planning on leaving on Saturday. Bonnie gone tomorrow to Wiscon-

sin. At least she got a few days out here this year. Dennis will be back for the weekend with his friend Scott.

Devin, Shannon & Mason came to dinner. We had a nice visit. Devin

has a hunting trip planned with Dennis over the Labor Day weekend.

Sounds like fun.

Very warm at bedtime but it cooled during the night.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bonnie got off fairly area – heading to Wisconsin for Julie's services

her son's wedding next Saturday. Julie was Jim & Pat Gleash's

daughter who passed away recently.

Dennis is due in camp with his friend Scott for the weekend. They

will get in late tonight.

We're going to work the meadows today. We had to hold off as there

is a large rain storm coming our way.


Galt: worked him off foot on the meadow and had a good find on the

1st bird and clean on 2nd but was a bit tentative with the flush.

Shauna: Worked her on birds – did pretty good and made her stand a

long time before flushing. Great style and intensity.

A good storm marched through – more noise then rain but still held us

up for the day. Bob some time packing and getting ready to leave very

early on Saturday. He also got the front end loader going and filled in

some large holes dug by Galt, Katie & Rhett. We had to move Bart

to the trailer and Galt got the end.

Saturday, August 14

Denny rolled in about midnight and Bob left about 4:00 am. He has

work to do and trying to buy a new vehicle.


Robbie, Annie, Brenna & Hank – Dogs did good for 47 min but

Hank isn't too happy some days.

Lily: 35 min at a steady 7-8mph.


Erin & Sammy – Erin appeared to hunt well with decent range but

Sammy a bigger SD race. Bird seen but nobody got them pointed.

A distant STF. 46 min.

Big & Lea: No birds for Lea but Scott had work with Big. 35 min.

Gus & Rhett – my intention was to work Rhett for just a few minutes

- we cast the two off together and Gus growled but Rhett went with

me and no problem. Gus was encouraged to go on and did so. From

that time on we had 2 powerful dogs reach for big country. Rhett in

the area when a large covey left and had a 2nd stf – not the best work

but it got him thinking. 30 min.

Jamie, Jimmie and Stoney – Jamie and Jimmie had strong races with

Jamie running 20 plus 15 on the meadow.

Dennis & Scott ran some more dogs up into the hills and working birds. They moved a couple of bunches in the Bull pasture.

We got a lot done today and waited for the heat. Dennis took Scott around to meet a couple of ranchers and visit. Naps were the order of the afternoon. Roger and the whole Painter clan were coming over and we were planning on pheasant paprikash – great meal and a fun time visiting. The evening was quite pleasant – hoping for a general cool down. Everyone from the Painter family came except Heather who was off on an adventure.

Sunday, August 15

warming up again. We're going to work some dogs and then Dennis and Scott will be heading back to Denver. Devin came down and road - working on training some horse time on Dennis's horse. He's a good hand and fun to have him out there.


Galt, Shauna, Kate – 46 min.

Mariah, Lily - 36 min.

Shelter Belt:

Fin, Dawn & Acey – worked these 3 up the belt to move some of the

Huns running in there. Good for the pups – some pointing from Fin &

Acey – couldn't see Dawn.

Meadow/ Hills:

Buck and Rio: 35 min for these two no birds for Buck but a big race

while it wasn't one of Rio's best times , he still had a nice find.

Big & Sorrel - 35 min. Big had a NP followed by a good find with

Sorrel having a back and Stop to Bump crowding a wild chicken.

Sadie & Bentley – ran all over the meadow with Tippy and Sam – not sure which ones were braced but Tippy had a good covey of quail fine.

Jami - took her out on a checkcord – got solid points and she let me style her up – we flushed and killed the birds for her – she ran over to

them to investigate. She like this for sure!!

That was it for the Colorado gang as Bonnie and Dennis have other commitments but at least they got a few days. As always we had some great food and lots of fun. It appeared that Scott had fun and some very nice dogs.

Camp is quiet now with Linda and I alone until Lee makes it out some time on Wednesday. Lots of work for us but lots of quiet time too.

Monday, August 16

This became a total day off. We did house things and trips to the

dump and shopping but no dog work. A bit cooler today but we still

needed a break.

We went to town for dinner on Monday night.

Tuesday, August 17

A cool morning with plenty of dew. No one due in today so we're on

our own.


Galt, Annie, Brenna & Rio – 61 min. This is the first group to break

the 1 hr. mark. Linda is doing an awesome job of getting the crew in

shape. They are all very well settled in and the young dogs are doing


Shauna, Lily and Mariah: This was Lily's 6 month anniversary of

her surgery. She's clear from the doctors to do it all!!!!!!! She had

been gradually roaded and is now up to 42 min. @ 8-9 MPH. She's

doing great – we'll start birdwork this week.

Fin, Dawn & Acey – worked the shelter belt with these 3 and they

hunted around good – mainly front and a ccuple of birds leaving.

A good spot to work these dogs.

Devin and Shanon came over and visited this evening. Had a great

great visit with them and Mason.

Wednesday, August 18

Happy Birthday Stan!! It's a good one – but don't party too hard

with that bad back. Mr. Geddeis is back in town - he can party for


Our day was highlighted by heat and a flat tire on the truck – must've

picked up something at the dump. Got it all fixed – Lee was coming

in this morning. Devin, Shannon & Mason came over to visit and

have some mean stir fry. We did a little celebrating for Stan's B-Day



Lea, Erin & Robbie – 40 min.

Thursday, August 19

Cool morning but the heat is coming back. We'll do a bunch this



Galt, Brenna, Shauna & Hank – 47 min.

Kate, Lily & Mariah – 44 min. – Lily getting up with the big guns

@ 8 mph

Shelter Belt – cover

Joy pups – 4 together – all had a great time. 15 min.

Galt - collar moved to his neck and haven't used it in quite awhile.

2 finds both mannerly and stylish. 2nd one very difficult over the

head flush – acceptable mark – little settle but solid.

Robbie – Stylish tight – 10 am style point. VG manners with no

voice commands.

Hank – Mannerly w/high tail but not a lot of pizzazz from Hank


Rhett – mannerly and stylish for this boy and plenty of Pizzazz –

the light switch is on for this boy.

Rio – good nose and a nice find with good manners. A long walk to

him but waited. 2nd find – more of a running bird and ended up

with STF – still okay and manners are solid.

Sorrel - nice run bu he knows the game and he is working the area

pointing as he goes. A solid and very stylish find with good

manners on the first one – 2nd one he crowded – corrected gently

- no collar on him – just doing it – getting very fit and maintaining

his weight this trip.

We had a big day and many naps around camp. Misters doing there

job and keeping the crew cool. Joe & Lori with Whitley and ReAn

came to a Mexican dinner we had – courtesy of Lee (Skirt Stakes –

etc) and Tamales from Ed. Great meal.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The heat is back – plans to say for 5 more days. A trip to the vet this

morning to scan our Joy puppies – there shaved spots had grown

out quicker then we expected.


Lea, Erin, Rhet and Annie – 52 min. – Had Robbie on the

schedule but she was not comfortable with the harness. Rather

then take a chance – Linda switched her and we'll check later.


Fin, Dawn & Acey – 15 min – on the meadow and just letting

them hunt. More and more indepence for this group.


Sorrel – ran around nicely and hunted – very hard point and very

good manners the worked him in on a 2nd. Should've stopped at

one – he pointed, then crowded and then dove – no bird but he

thought there was – and I just called it a day.

Rhett & Mariah – Rhett rolled – Mariah a short meat dog – got them

going down the same line and Mariah pointed nicely with Rhett a

very well done back. Both dogs perfect manners – onward Rhett

was ready for another brace ( been roaded 52 min. this morning).

Lily – we just wanted this done right and she went out and had a nice

move down an edge. Classy point with good manners – great job for

such a long layoff.

We had a good morning and time to call it – Heat is rising. We all did

some chores and went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Came back and nap

time – then time for chores. The Beat Goes On – Roger hung out for

supper and we had a fun night.

Break # 3 – midday on 8/21/2010

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