Sunday, September 14, 2008

Final Chapter - Hunting Irish Setters - Ainsworth '08

Sept. 3 – continued:

• Bart & Clifford – these 2 have progressed all during camp with Clifford doing a very good job – starting to run big off horseback and he's very independent but hunts with purpose. Bart , more immature but still doing nicely.

Bird work later – now getting caught up with things and some work too I hope. No sign of the horse and Tess is still looking not quite prime so we're not too worried about her being bred. Got to keep a close eye on her though.

Still no sign of Toby, Bonnie's horse. We've been looking all over the place and no signs or sightings. We'll keep looking but it's very strange.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 continued: we are definitely winding down but still fixing 1st class meals. Bob did some great pork tenderloin roasts – got to get that recipe!! Jason's new home moved onto it's site by the old homestead. Got it on the pad today and Jason & Heather are really excited about their new place.

Ed took all the puppies out and ran them on the prairie.
POTD – ( Ed's for 'Pup of the Day) was Stryker – just out there running all over with class ( tail going like crazy and straight up all the time) – quite exciting for Ed as all the pups did pretty good. Striker had one classy point that he held as a bird flew away and that really set him off.

Thursday, September 4, 2008 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY – TOM – our son Tom's birthday and he's working on projects on the east coast so he only gets to celibrate with Patty ( His Clint/Patti – bitch) but still has enjoyed his couple of trips to Ainsworth.

H.O.T.D. – Hero of the Day - goes to Ed because while he was roading a string of dogs he spotted Toby ( the horse) in Richardson's pasture south of the corn circle next to us. He was agitated but appeared in good shape. Ed came back to camp and Bob saddled up and I grabbed a truck and went to the pasture. He was't too sure of anyone or anything at this point – his Fear & Flight buttons kicking in. Bob rode our a way and got off his horse and just waited. In a few minutes Toby made up his mind and came running to Bob who hooked him up and brought him back to camp. No serious injuries but multiple strips of barb wire cuts. He'd been through a few fences. Just glad to get him back.

We left messages for Bonnie and hoped she'd be able to hear them while off on a Elk Hunt with Denny and crew. Roger will take care of Toby until they can get back here and pick him up.


• Erin, Mariah, Brie & Inde – very solid 52 minutes. All four were pulling and leaping in their harnesses, probably thinking they were going to do bird work when Ed stopped the ATV to try and call Toby in. Erin broke his harness in all the excitement.


• Stryker, Teaqui, Dani & Rio – all run on the meadows by Ed, Ron & Annie with Teaqui being puppy of the day. Lot's of hunt, put head and nose in the air and followed scent about 20 yards until she found a dead bird. She had plenty of range. The pups have had a good camp.

Ron, Annie, Ed with supervision from Linda got all the dogs trimmed up and nails cut. They had quite the production line set up. Bob and I went north with Bob stopping at Painter's helping Sonja with some software for her computer. I went to get some medicine – my cold progressed to a constant cough and my ribs are getting sore – got to shake if before I go home.

Great dinner with fajits's ( thanks Lee!!!!!!) and really good sweet corn. We're on the downside of sweetcorn season but we've had the best the last 2 night.s

Ron installed a new door knob that Linda bought at a garage sale from the Painter's pastor. Starting to collect stuff and get ready for the great pack up.

Friday, September 5, 2008 – another very cool night. Some light rain just to freshen things up. 40 degrees during the night and high about 70 today – great day for working dogs. We're going to road dogs out to Robbie's Turkey Hollow and then bird work the team, load them on the truck then road the next brace back to Turkey Hollow. Should get a lot done. Drizzly and overcast.

• Erin, Mariah, Lea & Robbie – 20 min.

Birdwork: -- a west wind let us use the gap in the big woods, could park the dogs where they knew what was going but couldn't see the work unless a bird flew towards them which a couple did. They were all on their tiptoes.

• Robbie – with collar still on she worked nicely and hunted the edges – hit the scent and established a nice point. about 10 o'clock style but easily stroked all the way up – good manners on the flush(Hun) and shot.

• Lea – cool and crisp – ran fast and jammed the bird w/ excellent style – perfect manners and ending camp on a very high note.

• Mariah – smooth and working the edge – a very stylish point with perfect manners – a good camp but not as much improvement on pattern as I'd like but progress being made.

• Erin – very good move to bird and hard/tight point. Handled flush but broke on shot and caught and corrected.

Bob & Ed did most of the work as my cough and wheezing is catching up with me.


• Lilly, Brie, Shauna & Sorrel – 35 min.

Birdwork: worked in the same area.

• Midge – she is still on the IR list with a swollen gland in her throat but took her out for birdwork. Collar off waist and on her neck – haven't had to use it at all lately. Got a classy, high tailed point and she was mannerly throughout – just a solid piece. She's had a good camp – needs more polish in pattern and some good experiences in trials to really turn her on but I'm happy with the progress.

• Sorrel – kind of ran over the bird and it flushed and spooked him – came back to me – not sure what is going on – another bird and he looked good but settled on the flush – corrected and finished on a positive note. He's in great shape and getting there on birds but just don't want to push too hard – he's got the tools to be a great one, we just have to get him finished out. Steve will have some frustration but tons of fun when he's right.

• Lily – cast off she pointed a hot spot but sent on and got a good point and clean for the flush on a Hun – very nicely done. Great camp for this young dog – big future.

• Brie – Bob has had a good camp with her and taking her home and bringing her back has been good for both of them. Nice, stylish point with perfect manners.

• Shauna – a bit too much hot scent around and kinda got her confused but ended up clean on a Hun – she's got all the tools on the ground and should make Bob one heck of a good young one.

Went to the next group and decided to move our location to the Seidel Loop. Need some fresh ground.


• Brenna, Inde, Annie & Suzie 30 min. – all dogs were fresh after their roading – none were even breathing hard and got real worked up on the rig.


• Brenna – cover a bit thick where we started and couldn't get bird to fly – finally shot and went on – she did fine.

• Inde – worked her the same way and got a solid point but not much style – a very long flushing attempt and couldn't get bird out of grass – shot and went on – she did fine.

• Annie – worked her on the North fence line and got a nice solid point – wanted to move somewhat but Ed flushed without a solid whoa and she had some movement but took correction very well. Finished on a positive note.

• Suzie – worked the north line also and had a mannerly stylish piece of work. Best of this group & right now I'm thinking I've seen progress with Suzie.

This was an extremely productive morning and put all the dogs in a good frame of mind. Back at camp Ed was planning on doing some young pups. I decided that this cough was not good to leave untreated so I had Linda get me an appointment and I went in to have it checked out. It turns out that I have pneumonia and need some good medication to knock it out of me. Glad that I went today. Met Bob & Ed at the Circle to say good-bye to some of the folks we know. Bob got a cowboy hat to with his Matador attire – maybe that hat will make him treat his next bull with a bit more respect.

Ed had brought a slab of New York Strip steaks and we cooked up a bunch for us and Roger & Janet – a little home made pasta and some good wine and were very content. Last night in town for Annie & Ron – they needed a nice relaxing trip. I had to tell them that Neely wasn't going to make the final cut. We'll work her one more time and see if the switch has gone on but right now she just isn't a field trial dog. She's got plenty of energy and is a real sweetheart. We'll find a nice pet/hunting home for her.

Saturday, September 6, 2008 – cool morning and I slept pretty well ( not that Linda did – my wheezing had to keep her up ) – cough medicine seemed to be working. It was supposed to be a drizzly day – good for the ranchers and bird dogs. Bob & Ed were ready to work dogs as Devin was coming over to help. The ran 2 braces in the hills and meadows and had a real good time. Ron & Annie hooked up and were pulling out at the time the brace was going to break away. I think they enjoyed the visit and the opportunity to just do some serious R & R. They're off to tour the Midwest and should have a great time.


• Suzie & Brie – up through the Seidel pasture to the north these too worked with Suzie making up her own course. She handled a covey of chickens well and then just raised her stickiness to new levels – Brie was rolling around the hills with an excellent find and then Huns in Turkey Hollow – a strong forward race with great eye appeal and speed. She is really fit and finished very strong. Suzie blew a back on Brie and really got hard to handle – left everyone and went her own way – new whistle or not – she just wouldn't respond – guys had to come back and get the jeep and the atv – Bob ran around her with the jeep and she still wouldn't come – finally Devin got her. 55 min. lots of birds: chickens and our released Huns which are very wild now.

• Shauna & Mariah – Shauna big and out front – a STF w/manners but need some encouragement – then another STF with Mariah – good manners by both. Mariah was hunting and in the cover – shorter in range but a nice solid GD while Shauna was a solid SD. Great stamina & desire. 50 min.

An overcast day – more bird work this afternoon and packing up has begun. We ended up doing more packing and putting things together for the trip. Lot's to do – all the bird houses were closed up and birds taken to camp for final birdwork on Sunday. Made our final trip to the dump ( not a highlight of camp but has to be done. Toby's scratches are healing up and he seems no worse for the air.

My crew is still stuck in Houston and we're trying to get them done so they can work their way up here and paint some more fence for Roger. Roger's back at it – running the tractor and out fixing fence when needed. He's tough and enjoys what he does – it shows!!!!!!!!!

Ed took out puppies – Striker, Dani, Rio & Tequi – all got around birds with several good finds, bumps and chases. All 4 are focused

Finished up a bunch of food and had a good bottle of wine – we don't run out of wine at this camp. Dogs are getting moved up close. We enjoyed the rain – nice and starting to be needed again.
Sunday, September 13, 2008 – cool and damp from the rain – good morning to work birds. Took all the young ones out and worked our remaining birds.


• Mariah – clean and stylish find – she's working birds well – still needs more pattern work but that will come with fall trials & Paw Paw.

• Brenna – backed Mariah on the 1st find with manners and a checkcord – then a nice solid point –level style – sent on relocate she hit the cover and pointed with great style in the cover – good job.

• Sorrel – hit with style but collapsed on flush – bird that hit him in the face yesterday shook his confidence. Worked him on another one with a cord and he did fine with lots of praise.

• Midge – great job – collar on her neck but haven't used in an age – very stylish, mannerly find -- that's what we need – still needs pattern to the front.

• Shauna – good, clean crisp find with style. She's looking very good on her game and plenty of run. Check corded back with manners.

• Lily – very into the program and a nice clean find – good job and pattern is showing some maturity.

• Annie – a bit more aggressiveness around game and pointing nicely but to break but no softness -- big improvement on her part. She shows a lot of improvement from last year.

• Robbie – back plugged in and she handled her bird nicely and styled up after crowding a bit.

• Bart & Clifford – both these young dogs are showing lots of promise – Bart got into several quail and chased with great desire – no solid points but lots of fun- Clifford attacts the cover and had a awesome point on a quail that lit in a tree – he waited, waited, waited and then leaped into the air and grabbed the quail about 8' up in the tree. He found several more, pointed and managed to catch another one – enough of this but the desire on both young dogs is great.

The end of training camp for 2008. We now went back to packing and putting things away for next year. We left the ATV and Gazebo here for next year. A nice dinner, early night and tomorrow we hit the road.

Monday, September 13, 2008 – overcast and cool but dry. We got everything together and all headed out around 12:30 - saw Roger and Jason this morning to say goodbye. Now it's time to hit the trial circuit and see if our training program worked.

See ya next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water misters for the dogs in the heat.

We installed these mist - ers all along the row of dogs and in the middle of the day we can put a fine mist out that cools the dogs off considerbly.

Hunting Irish Setter - Prairie Training - Aug. 30- Sept. 3

Saturday, August 30, 2008 continued: Bob G. left home early this morning and is due in camp this afternoon. He called as he passed Stan heading home and shortly after, near the Nebraska border, Stan told him his truck was struggling with the hills and making strange noise. Not a good sign. Our gut feeling in camp was the Trubo was going out. He continued and hoped to limp home. Tough call but he had horses and dogs and needed to travel to NYC on Monday so not a lot of options.

Bob rolled in around 4:00 PM and got back in the groove. Wind blowing at 40 mph most of the day and plenty warm. We needed to use the spray mist to cool the dogs down in the heat. We made sure the birds were fed but the rest of the day consisted of light roading & long naps.


• Mariah, Lea, Sorrel & Lily - 27 min. and just hot with cactus all over the place.

The County Fair & Rodeo is on this weekend and we plan to wait till Monday and Linda is counting on making it but the wind right now is not pleasant.

Bonnie is due back on Sunday night along with Ed M. hitting camp for the 2nd time. The dogs have had a balaned week with roading , meadows and birdwork. Robin showing a lot of promise to Stan & me. Now a couple days of roading and we'll see how she does.

Bob spent the day with Roger, Jason & Heather at a quarter horse auction near Valentine. Jason bought a young palamino but Bob couldn't find anything the owners would guarantee ' bull proof '. We're not sure what that means but Bob keeps spreading his bull ? stories and admit's it wasn't his smartest move. We'll keep looking though.

Sunday, August 31, 2008 – we heard that Stan made it in and Charlie came down on Ernie to give him some sound medical attention on his foot. Stan's truck later proved to have a damaged Turbo and he had if fixed under warranty – not a bad deal. Charlie felt that Ernie had a lame shoulder but is doing fine a few days later. So the crew is intact.

Winds blew all night – stuff thrown around camp, garbage cans, crates and misc. stuff. All night long and very windy in the morning. Loaded upa a crew to road.


• Erin, Brie, Inde & Annie - solid group 54 min. but getting warm already at the end. Took it easy on everyone else.

We put Lea on the IR list with tender pads and Tess is on the 'Do Not Disturb List' as she came in Season. Bart & more seriously Sorrel have made attempts to talk her into something but I think she's resisted so far! We'll see!

Bonnie got here around 5:00 and we had got chores complete. You almost have to lean into the wind to work. Wind is blowing extremely hard. No way a dog can even smell a bird. Bonnie was up in Sioux Falls, SD observing a NAVHDa hunt test put on by the local club with Jean & Joe Rodriguez the hosts. Jean and Joe are very good friends of yours as we all trained together back in the 70's in the west suburbs of Chicago. Joe and Jean had 3 children and we had 4 and raised our young families together. We both owned our first field dogs from Tony Baron's stud dog Norab's Duke. I finished Patti and Joe had Penny who we ended up co-owning as Joe worked for the airlines and couldn't keep it up. There goal was to live somewhere they could fish and hunt and moved to Minnesota and then South Dakota. Great friends that we miss all the time but everytime we talk or visit it's just like yesterday. So when Bonnie comes into our house – here's a care package from our friends. Fresh Tamales - Joe's Mom had come to our house years ago and we all spent the day making fresh Tamales and it's still a wonderful memory in all our minds.

Joe and I have planned a hunting trip for this fall and hopefully a couple of mature ( like that choice) hunters can show these kids and grandkids ' how it's supposed to be done'. I can't wait.

Ed got into camp this afternoon after a successful stop in Reno along the way. He had a smile on his face and twinkle in his eye – must've been a real good trip. Bonnie was pooped but ready to load up in the morning and head home and onto Elk Camp. Dennis has a crew going bow hunting, including Bonnie's son and my son. It's a 1st for my son Bob – he's very excited.

Monday, September 1, 2008 -- Labor Day – Rodeo Day. Still very windy and in the 90's.


• Mariah, Suzie, Brenna & Sorrel – solid 60 min for this crew but the wind was ugly. At least we can road.

Back to camp, Bonnie almost loaded up – just getting horses. I went out to check on her and she comes with 2 but the grey is out of the shelter belt and in with the bulls. Not a good sign – Bonnie says they all broke out and Toby is still missing. This ain't good. Search parties were established and off we go – about 8:00 am – 2 of the horses had barb wire slices but none real serious.

We ended up in 2 trucks and 1 atv with Linda maining the radio at camp. By 2:00 pm we had called off the search – no sign of Toby. Bonnie packed up and headed out and we planned on some random searches until he showed up. We doubt that's it's serious but he could be hurt. It appears a herd of cattle from the north broke into a meadow next to us and Roger's bulls decided to check it out and the horses were stuck next to both groups – must've made them a bit nervous – the boys are geldings but not na├»ve.

We skipped the rodeo –not a fun day anyhow with 35 – 45 mph winds.

Bonnie made it home okay. Ron and Annie due in tomorrow & we're invited to cook – out at McBrides' should be a fun day.
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 – no horse as of this morning.


• Erin, Lea, Brie, Inde – kinda backing off – the wind is much better. 30 min at a fast pace.

• Blitz, Midge, Shauna & Robbie – 35 min – just Robbie's 2nd day roading but she's doing fine.


• Erin – good, stylish find w/ a big hope – corrected but looked good. Trying to keep his confidence up – little softness on point.

• Brenna – good point with manners

• Inde – solid level tail w/good manners.

• Sorrel – couldn't get the bird pointed – a borderline bump & a no find.

• Shauna – styled up and good find w/class

• Annie – got a decent picture and a pretty good find – definite progress.

• Suzie – can't make out her hearing. I believe she can hear but can't tell direction very well. High pitch whistle helping on the course. Had an okay find with average style ( not her typical) but mannerly.

• Lily – good point w/manners – a little low in front but handled.

• Clifford & Bart - both are doing good but Clifford is showing his age difference and really starting to roll. He likes birds, hunts hard and reaches front – this is one nice pup.

Ron & Annie rolled in around 5:00 and they got set up and off to dinner. What a night – just a great meal and lots of stories with some great Music by Joe along with some singing from Rea'Ann and Whitley – then an awesome desert. Just a fun time.
Still no sign of the horse – you keep driving into camp expecting him to show up – Bob and Ed took some trips looking and went up through the Graf pastures looking for him but no luck so far.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!!!!!!!!! cool this morning – actually cooled off yesterday evening and need to put the small heater on in the trailer. Light patches of frost on the ground and 40+ degrees at best – what a difference – the wind had dropped bigtime. It sure is great to have Annie and Ron in camp. First time in 3 years. They're taking a bit of R & R trip and just enjoying life.


• Suzie, Brenna, Lily & Midge - 52 minutes of strong run – all but Lily enjoying herself. She just can't find her best spot but she's trying.


• Mariah & Robbie – well Robbie did surprise – no birds but she rolled – very nice speed and drive & big but immature race. This dog has a leg – Stan and Charlie are going to have fun with her. Mariah – in the cover showing lots of hunt and needs front a bit but she's close. 27 min.

• Sorrel & Annie – Annie showing some signs of improvement but Sorrel was flat today and way too many pit stops – not up to his usual performance. No birds under ideal conditions but his head just not into it. 28 min.

Bird work later – now getting caught up with things and some work too I hope. No sign of the horse and Tess is still looking not quite prime so we're not too worried about her being bred. Got to keep a close eye on her though.

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