Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning was cool, damp and foggy.


· Lea, Sorrel, Inde & Annie – 53 min.

· Midge, Clifford, Brie & Shauna – 55 min.


· Robin & Ritha 35 min. – Robin just didn't believe that Ed had the same rules as Stan. She hooked Lee from time to time and overall she wouldn't whoa for Ed. She wasn't bad like she could be and overall she improved as the brace went on. Ritha went on and had 4 contacts, good find on the Sidell edge – style and manners – STF – ok then a level tailed find w/good manners – 4 was OK. Overall a good job for Ritha & Robin needs continued work.

· Lily & Kate 38 min. – Lily not up to snuff today but did a controlled back on Kate and was mannerly. Overall Lily was not in tune and I need to drop the collar – she doesn't need it and does not like it!!! Kate did a nice solid job – forward and smooth - 1 vg find w/10:00 style.

· Dani & Rio 26 min. on the meadow - good day for both pups – hunt and reached with no play. Got to cut near Sidell's loop – very big move and couldn't see if they contacted birds. Rio big and strong – Dani made good moves with Rio carrying the load. Hard to be caught up with these two.

Bonnie arrived Wednesday, a tired puppy – she got set up and got some zzzzzzz!! time & she needed it. Fog early delayed us a bit but we still got a full morning in with the dogs. The team is smooth and we get moving pretty quick in the AM. We got our work going all day long and had a great pork tenderloin dinner with brown potatoes – Bonnie was in Heaven!! We had a very nice meal and some tunes and visits.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It was very muggy yesterday and stayed so even as we went to bed. During the night the dogs were much quieter ( in my opinion ) but still had room for improvement. Linda stayed after them during the night and I had a good night's sleep. Cooler this morning, a bit cloudy but mild.

There's been a story I've been meaning to tell. Last week one day Linda and Jenny were visiting with Janet Painter, they were discussing the accepted methods of euthanasia for the local flys that take up residence in your kitchen. Her new method is called the ' stun and stomp' – you use a quick, non - lethal swipe with your best fly swatter then you stomp the stunned body on the floor and kept fly guts off your eating surfaces.


· Lea, Ritha, Hank & Brenna - 53 solid minutes.


· Erin & Rhett - these 2 boys started out with a purpose and the young Rhett showed he had a good idea of how to run – his 1st part was a bit lateral as was Erin's - only he got huge and then slipped me sideways and to the rear. Erin had his all age shoes on but his compass was on backwards. Finally got Erin back to the front and had a very nice piece of birdwork – pointed solidly and I had a good ride to get to him, he was intent except flagging. I whistled him on and he worked running birds for the better part of 200 yards only to establish a tight point but flagging. As I rode to him birds got him and a nice 6-8 chicken covey left him – manners fine – style poor. The rest was better with still a hook to lateral and drifting back. We talked and he got the picture. Stamina was excellent. Rhett showed solid improvement and very good front running skills – more GD at times but not afraid to reach front and worked an area where we had seen birds left but couldn't pin a straggler. 52 min.

· Sorrel & Bart - I had high hopes for this brace. Sorrel just didn't have it today. A very erratic brace with many times just blowing me off going his way. He did have a good find – pointing tightly as a single sharptail almost hit him as it flushed followed by 15 more in waves – only a 1 step lateral mark – very acceptable bird work but back to turtles, junk and his own direction. I had a talk with him and let's see how he is next time. Bart a bit slow and erratic to start but ended up with a very nice race and strong forward moves. He held his own. 50 min.

· Galt & Tequi – we headed back to camp and ran these 2 from the meadow. A strong powerful race for both dogs with Tequi getting into the cover and Galt taking the big country. Probably going to be easier for Tequi to handle our cover. 30 min. No birds.

We called it a day and got ready to hit town. Met Joe & Lori at the Spur for lunch and had a nice visit. The old ATV is still on the repair list and I expect it should be totally ready in July of '10 – I hope.

Lee went our and did his yard work with Rhett – now he's working with Mary and Clifford and see if he can make some headway. A moderately cool afternoon. The string of good weather has been truly amazing. We have a great group in camp and once again everyone are great workers and pitch right in wherever needed.

Chicken breasts and pasta for dinner – plus a beautiful evening. Bonnie due in camp tomorrow and Dennis on the weekend.

August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

We awoke in the middle of the night and the dogs were barking their heads off. I yelled and threatened and finally grabbed 1 culprit – Libby – that helped but I missed Kate & the night was a very short one indeed. Not a very nice way to treat someone on their birthday. I had asked for Lou Malnalti's Chicago Pizza for dinner so we had a plan.

The day was a workday for me and the crew was running the dogs.


· Midge, Erin, Robin & Mariah– 60 min. (32 min. for Mariah) Linda was doing her 2nd watering when she realized – Mariah?????? - what are you doing here? Somebody put Mariah on instead of Lea – whoops, well she actually did quite well and no sign of hurting any puppies. I took the truck out and picked up Mariah.

· Lily, Clifford, Annie & Shauna – Well about ¾ the way into this brace, Linda tried to cross the wet spot in the meadow and got the rig stuck. Not delayed – stuck. I had to get a truck and towstrap to get them out of the hole. 73 min but a good wait while we pulled her out. Now that's the way to celebrate a Birthday – getting somebody else out who is buried in the mud.


· Kate & Brenna – Brenna just a flake – wouldn't back Kate and ended up knocking birds, delayed chase and wouldn't leave the area. She neededa good talking to. 35 min. Kate – 15 min. for Brenna. Kate a solid Gun Dog with good application and 1 good find.

· Brie & Inde – Brie the good one here with a solid race and no birds. Inde went to the Hun Shelter belt and never returned to judgement – gone for 55 min. & probably rooting birds. Brie a solid 35 min.

· Rio & Dani – Dani did a nice job today and so did Rio. Both did a nice job with Rio ignoring Dani for the whole brace. 25 min.

Back to camp for some breakfast and an early nap for me. Linda went to town & Lee washed his rig and everyone kinda took it easy. I worked on business stuff until it was time for camp chores and we all hit and got them done in no time. A warm afternoon – didn't quite make it to 90 but almost.

We got the Pizza ready to cook and the sweet corn and we had a real feast. Linda had got some home made pies and we really over served ourselves. Fine Silver Oak wine supplied by Lee. Great bottle of wine.

Linda got me an awesome Irish Pub – Town Setting with the Brophy name on the pub and Brophy Cote of Arms on the minature town model. What an awesome gift!!! Linda found this several months ago and had a hard time waiting to my birthday. Let me tell you " it was worth the wait".

We had a great dinner – plenty to eat and some good tunes followed by desert. They could've rolled us into bed – we were stuffed.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A cool night and quite breezy. Linda & I stayed out till about 10:00 and Mary and Ed had stayed up to 1:00 am swapping stories. Working on the write up and Lee arrives about 11:30 on Saturday morning and getting set up and unloaded.

Dogs on Holiday – Striker looks much improved and Mariah just might be pregnant. Should now by next weekend.

We took the entire day off on Sunday and no dog work. Watched a movie at dinner and hit the hay early.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009.

Stan snuck out of camp before daylight and headed home and then on to Virginia and Stephanie's engagement party then he'll comeback on Monday a week from now. He's got some traveling to do.

Cool and crisp this morning –plenty of dew. We have a light session for today.


· Hank, Brie, Brenna & Inde – 54 min. They're getting up

Birdwork: Out to the meadow pond with a bunch of Huns and plenty of dogs that needed some polish.

· Lea – walked her down an edge then swung to the pond – very nice style and perfect manners.

· Shauna – once again – fast moving – hard point w/ a crick in her tail. Good manners for the flush and shot.

· Cliff – this was not a pretty picture & Cliff couldn't get by the basic obedience commands commands. Last weeks problems with wild birds has kinda set him back a touch. We'll stay off the planted bird for a bit and regroup.

· Lily – worked very nicely and hunted, good stylish point ( tail @10:00) but intent.

· Sorrel – he's aware of this game and did some stalking @ 1st. He hit the bird hard and a perfect stylish find.

· Rio – let loose dragging a cord – we had moved to the pond before Triple gates and had a stylish point near the waters edge – bird flushed wild with Rio chasing. He came by the second one and pointed and knocked and the birds while being a great flyer still couldn't outrun the eagle eye of Rio and made the mistake of landing on the mowed part of the pasture. Rio is a soft mouthed retriever.

· Tequi – up on the hill now – along a cut edge, we checkcorded her in and got a very solid, stylish point. Great job!

· Annie – worked loose and hit the bird softly, when Ed came in she tried to leave. Not a good scene.

· Dani – worked on a checkcord and got her just puttering around – not very focused and barely a flash point.

We filled up the bird boxes with feed and water. Called it a day and spent our time doing other things. Striker is showing improvement and getting stronger and more excited by the day.

We had a repeat of the dinner – beef burgundy – still good for the 2nd day. Watched Man From Snowy Rive – great flick and Mary Pavelco got into camp about 10:00 PM. Good trip into camp and all is well. She's ready for the hills. Tomorrow Lee is due in camp and we're ready for some new blood. We're taking Sunday off – give the dogs a break and it's supposed to be close to 90 for a couple of days now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009.

Striker is feeling better. Sleeping in the house in a crate he's being a great patient and looks to be feeling much better. Let's hope it keeps up. This morning is very cool – about 52 degrees.


· Lea, Clifford, Kate & Ritha - 52 min. – Time is going up.


· Midge & Robin – Robin's best day in camp showing great improvement and a very competitive course with very little time spent behind. Midge just didn't have a lick in her today – not showing me the improvement I expect but handling a chicken find with manners but not with enthusiasm. 40 min.

· Lily & Rhett – Rhett starting off very big and too the front, Lily a bit slow the first 2-3 min. Birds seen in the air and Rhett behind at a distance – couldn't be sure but I think he got us. Lily was very consistant and showed class on the ground. Rhett then crossed the front and went with a wild flush chicken – got him stopped and shot over and took front. He was decent on the ground and showed good handle with plenty of leg. Wild birds are challenging him right now. We think he's making progress very good stamina. 42 min.

· Dani & Tequi ­- a couple of quick taps to keep her from tagging and Tequi was off and running. Dani showed hunt and more forward but still not putting it together all the time. A solid 30 min. for Tequi and not bad for Dani.

· Bart & Libby – Bart a big race and plenty of drive – hit the windmill and Libby never made it down. Stan looked and she saw him and just left the area – kinda slinked off – very strange. She didn't show up at pick up and we went back to camp – got the truck and went to the hills – no Libby. 35 min. for Bart.

Stan & Ed looked and looked but no luck. We were back in camp – plenty of dog barking so she has to know home but I'm not sure. About 4 hours after she disappeared, Stan was out filling water buckets and there came Libby across the meadow – wouldn't come to Stan but went over to her barrel and laid down. She was done and knew where home was. Try and figure out what that was about.

Friday night dinner was planned with the Painter's. Jason bought himself a Semi for over the road stock hauling and is working as an independent truck driver. He's back in town tonight. We made Beef Burgundy with homemade noodles and fresh sweet corn. Great dinner and good conversations with our friends. A very mild night.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thusday, August 20, 2009.

A light rain during the night and Ken stayed in Omaha with the dog. See above.


· Midge, Hank, Shauna & Brenna – 51 min.

· Lily, Sorrel, Brie & Inde – 4? Watch stopped and time was an estimate.


· Robin & Erin - 10 x up and down with Robin and Stan a bit more tense. He's making progress even if he doesn't know it. No birds for Robin. Erin – huge running dog, handled more for himself then Ed - a bit of a handful and tested Ed to the limits. On the way back, Robin pointed and Stan tried to relocate but she had his 2 leather gloves (lost for 2 days) pointed nicely. Erin didn't want to leave the windmill pond to the south. Finally got him back and went to camp. 40 min.

· Bandit & Annie – Bandit on the IR list @ 4 min. Annie out for 35 min. Annie found a sharptail, pointed and chased then had a turtle find and nothing good from that. 35 min. for Annie.

· Galt & Tequi – Galt ran huge and handled – always front – responded as desired. Meadows all the way – no birds. Tequi got corrected early for tagging and went on and hunted to the front. Tequi had a flash point and find on the island and that got her going. It appeared that Galt saw the birds leave and helped with chase. Stan lost the gloves that Robin found and finally Tequi found them and brought them back to camp for him after washing them in a couple of ponds. 45 min.

Thursday afternoon, Ed & Stan activated the johnie house on the south meadow with about a dozen chukar. We needed to get these moving so now we have 2 johnie houses and Huns using the Bird House. We see the huns on the road occasionally & the quail call back just fine. Huns have been bird work birds because their just great flyers right out of the box. We had the tamale dinner Ed brought – awesome tamales – rival the San Antonio ones Bob and I used to get on business trips. Robin found them years ago for us and we've missed having them. Great tamales!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm on the way to Omaha so I might as well tell this part in it's entirety. I left to get Striker in Atkinson at 8:00 am and had a 2:00 pm appointment at the specialist in Omaha. The theory is she finds the foreign object and does surgery on the spot. I meet for the exam and due to the swelling and soft tissue irratation, she's going to knock him out and check things out. I leave and they call me saying they can't find a thing. The next step is a MRI to try and track it down. They don't have one but another vet clinic in town does so they set an appointment for 7:30 am. I have to spend the night with this poor dog. Luckily Linda packed me an emergency bag in case I got stuck. Good thinking Linda.

I had asked all the vets about other forms of treatment but everything was going to be unless they found the object. The vet called me after his exam which was on real time with Vet School in Kansas who was consulting on this exam. They couldn't find it either. So after visits to 4 vets we ended up with a ' tie game' and now were into extra innings. We chose taking him home, hitting him strong anti-biotics and see what happens. They could have gotten it out when it was flushed but not observed or can be traveling to other sections of the body, if so the infection will probably return.

2:00 on Thursday I'm traveling home to Circle Paw with a pretty sore puppy. He does seem better then when I brought him so maybe the examinations flushed it out. We'll see. Back at camp by 7:00 and a fresh tamale dinner provided by Ed. Good music and some great war stories while I missed camp.


· Lea, Clifford, Kate & Ritha - 45 min. – Linda says everyone is doing just fine.


· Hank & Robin – Robin only 4 times that Stan had to get up and down. A significant improvement. Hank was rank- not applying himself to front. Robin backed an eary sharptail contact of Hanks. 30 min.

· Dani & Libby - Both did a decent job, hunted some and then Dani gave us the slip – hit the shelter belt trees coming in and didn't want to come with the gang. No birds but Dani a brat to pick up lately. 20 min. officially but Dani was down 38 more.

· Rio & Bart - Rio started out tagging Bart and got corrected & proceeded to hunt the front on his own. Bart got to the pond and never would leave it – obviously having some fun with birds but didn't continue on with the group and they picked him on the way back. Rio the front runner today. 38 min. No birds under judgement.

Thursday afternoon was pieceful and the boys were up haying in the hills.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Stan!!!!

Ed was due in camp this evening. We had some rain during the night and more projected for this evening. Things are staying very green. The ranchers are haying much of the hills for some weed control and better grazing in the future. Lots and Lots of hay. Might be affecting scenting conditions some but overall dogs are finding birds.


· Midge, Erin, Brenna & Brie – 44 min. All okay but it appears the Brie is a bit stiff.

· Bandit, Annie, Sorrel & Shauna – 48 min - strong


· Lily & Robin – Lily a okay race with 1 VG find w/ decent style. I had lost her on the meadow and stan went on to the S. meadow. I rode around pond and couldn't find her then went out to the east angling over to the Hun pen and along the shelter belt her was Lily standing a closely pinned quail. Style and manners were fine but we had no way to catch the front so I hunter her in. 22 min. Robin is driving Stan crazy with her back loop and pulling off casts so today we tried whoa command. Stop her, turn her around and cast her off to the front. Stan counted 4 whoa's from the horse and 12 getting down and up on the horse(ATT - andy too tall). He was very tense and no bird contacts – 30+ minutes.

· Rhett & Inde a pretty big race for Rhett and one questionable bird contact – can't prove. Inde a STF that ended as a BTF. 35 min and birds seen but not pointed.

Afternoon was quiet with business taking charge of my day. A peaceful evening with good music and the chance of rain. I'm off to the vet in Omaha tomorrow morning – shooting to get back the same day. We'll see. Hit the hay early with a big storm hitting the camp. Didn't last long but some pretty good hail and .7 of rain. I slept through it and none of us heard Ed come sliding into camp during the storm. Ed got in about 10:30 and said the road in was ugly – seems to be getting worse all the time.

Roger stopped and visited a bit to celebrate Stan's Birthday. So the rest of the world knows – he celebrated # 59 by making a wonderful Taco dinner – his own special recipe. It was awesome!!!!!!!!! He had a great Birthday – Susan got him a knew endurance saddle and got him 'Tow Truck in a Box' - great tool – everyone needs one that's in this hobby.

Monday, August 17,2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning and the weather continues to be very pleasant. Striker's eye looks worse and we have calls out to several people looking for a vet that deals with this type of problem. Our vet here is more directed to large animals. I got a specialist referral from our friends in S. Dakota, Joe & Jeanie Rodriguez. They knew of a clinic in Omaha and we got the same referral from John Rabidou to a vet in Atkinson so we decided to try there first. We had an afternoon appointment and made the trip. They decided we needed to knock him out and do a full scale search for the foreign object. We decided to leave him and head back to camp. About half way home we got the call to come get him as they couldn't find anything in or around the eye but infection. We called Omaha and the best we could do was a Wednesday afternoon appointment and possibly surgery. We left him in Atkinson and decided to pick him up at 8:00 am and head to Omaha.

Roading: Stan & I working the team.

· Lea, Clifford, Ritha & Hank -31 min. – this was a special deal crew to help work on Rio's problem.


· Rio – we had the 4 roading dogs hooked up and cast Rio out of camp then started the ATV and went along with – Rio came to the rig and while Stan tried to tap him – he jumped into a confrotation with Hank. I managed to separate them and then Rio got the message and left the rig. We followed up with a couple of light corrections for about half the brace. Then I cut Ritha loosed from the ATV and now Rio had a new target but we grabbed his attention immediately. He's a very nice dog that uses him mass to play and we needed to stop it the 1st time. It went good and he finished the brace hunting well with no signs of the correction. 32 min. He's really classy on the ground.

· Bart, Galt & Tequi – Bart was a late entry on this brace but it worked fine. Off to the races and Tequi hooked Bart only to have me break the connection before it started. She looked at Galt – then Bart and said I'm out of here and went to hunting big to the front. A powerful brace that just lights up the ground. Tequi was fine and all 3 put down very good races.

We got back to camp from our trip to Atkinson and Stan had done the chores so we went to town and ate dinner at the Golden Steer. Very good meal.

Sunday, August 16,2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Very cool almost brisk with clear skys. We're going to train some dogs today.


· Midge, Lily, Sorrel & Kate – very solid 48 min.

· Erin, Brenna, Inde & Annie – 42 min.


· Robin & Brie – fast and snappy for Robin while Brie appears to be sore. Robin needing more focus but showing improvement each time down. No birds for Robin. Brie stuck behind some then observed on the shelterbelt on point at lease ¼ mile away from me – hard and tight only to leave after the shot on a very nice covey of quail. All she had to do was wait until I got there . 30 min.

· Shauna & Clifford Shauna about 3 very good opening moves and then she left us. 2+ hours later she showed up near the Hun pen – not looking too much for the ware. Clifford patterned as a nice GD only to find himself in the middle of a huge bunch of chickens – 15 min – maybe 20. Stood for flush but came back to Stan and not stay steady. The next location he worked them and got too close to a single – whoa'd but he came back to me and on the 3rd one – a solid point only to take 1 more step and the bird got out and he came back. A rough day for this young boy but it might have done him some good. 32 min. for Cliff

We still are missing Shauna so we go back to camp and go get the PU we dropped early this morning. She hadn't shown up there yet. Back to camp and got some breakfast – still no Shauna. We decided to run some young dogs.

· Bart & Dani – Stan on horse, me on ATV trying to attract Shauna. These two got off to a good start with Bart just rolling. Dani let's herself stay in the rear – got to get her front. Bart – just huge. He rolls with a purpose that's for sure. I watched from a high hill top make a move that indicated he was chasing, crossing a fence at a high rate of speed only to have him hit 2 edges, jump front and swap ends for Stan to see the point and flush of a covey of Huns. Great job. Stan had Bart and I took Dani – she was big and then nothing – very immature. Had some released Huns I'm sure and then as I'm trying to get a handle – here's Shauna – not even tired – picked her up and went back to camp. Dani came with and got into camp – wouldn't get caught and gave us another hour of grief. Time -- ????? Bart – Dog of the Day"""

· Bandit - she hunted up a storm but went birdless and was tired at the end. A nice job – 50 min.

So it's Sunday afternoon. Linda hit the store - Stan hit the bunk and I hit the write up. I'm actually in real time – as I've just heard Tiger has a 1 shot leave after 11. Go Tiger!!

The day was pleasant but the week ahead will be a tough one as the rest of the day went down the tube for Tiger Woods! Oh well, he can't win them all.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The rain abated and the crew was packing but not by 6:00 AM. About 10:30 to 11:00 they left and we all said our goodbyes -- we've made some really great friends and Phil and Jenny are planning Mediterranean Cruise next year with their whole family. They will have a ball.

Linda and I took Striker back to the vet this morning. His eye doesn't appear to be responding so we're going to have to look into a specialist if we don't see some improvement by Monday.

We ate in town and had a nice relaxing day. The dogs were glad for the day off and we left the entire crew resting today. Stan got in around 3:00 PM and we visited, planned a peaceful dinner and visited. Some good tunes, a bit of wine and now it's time to relax. We love it when the kids are here and we love it when it's peace and quiet – just a great balance for us.

Rain rolled in about 10:30 PM and a good thunderstorm- .62 of rain – keeping things real green.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

This promises to be a full day with dogs to work, 3 trailers worth of gear, horses and things to pack up – get ready for the rodeo and have fun!!!!!!! That's a big order. Last morning of riding got off to a good start.


· Lea, Bandit, Hank & Ritha – very solid 41 min. Linda back on the dogs rig everyday and she is doing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she sure loves it and the dogs like her.


· Lily & Midge well this was a backstep for Midge – just not a lot of fun or pattern today – more looping and back casting and not her regular drive. Lily usually runs a good race but hooked some tweety birds and got a - wake up call – which kinda shut her down – She opened up some in big tills and they both flowed a bit better with Lily having a bad course that still was way better then Midge. Not a good day for Midge. 40 min.

· Sorrel & Katie –Kate was dog of the day – very consistent forward race with 2 good finds – Sorrel ran good for 25 but just lost it at the last 10-15 – almost like he was in trouble but I never got on him. Katie had a very big bunch of birds and shows her maturity in application. Not a real high tail but plenty of brains and application.

· Bart, Galt & Tequi – hang on cowboy – this group rocks. Tequi has become a tagger so plans will be to work on that because she's too busy chasing rather then hunting. Bart was big as Phil showed in to the front in the back look – Bart had blown away some the course but handled and both did a very nice job in the lower hills. This is a powerful group of young dogs.

We kept a few horses saddled and Phil took several folks for their farwell ride on the hills. They sure enjoyed it. Jenny, Linda, Corinne, Sue & Susan all went to Valentine early Friday afternoon to soak up all the ambiance of Valentine. We stayed back and did some chores while Phil & Grahme went to get the ATV – didn't happen. The kids had the instructions to take down the tents and pack up so everyone would be ready to leave at 7:00 am. Whoops! It didn't happen – trip home was delayed a few hours!!!!!!!!!

So the plan was to leave for the rest of us about 4:30 and get to Young's prior to the rodeo. We were all a bit late and met at the fairgrounds. Ate the local greasy spoon foods that you have at a fair but James and Elizabeth had never had corn dogs so we found them some and they enjoyed this strictly American fun food. I don't think it was ill it was cracked up to be.

We got into the rodeo early and saw the most fun rodeo ever. We had great live stock, good riders and really nasty weather. It poured for a good half hour with competition suspended until it passed – many lightning strikes around and the rain just soaked the arena. Finally it came back on and event was highlighted with great rides in all the events. Got to the bull ride and a couple of good ones to start then while they're trying to collect a bull – huge lightning knocked out all the power. It just was black--- with a bull loose in the arena along with riders, clowns and judges. They got the bull in the chute and the only light was some trucks and the announcer's booth. They played some great tunes while the fans clapped and sang and just enjoyed the whole thing. Our friends from England were amazed starting with the opening ceremonies and continuing to the end. It took a good 30 minutes to get it going again and we watched these cowboys and especially the pick up men work the bulls and protect the riders – they were just plain awesome.

The grand finally was the wild horse ride and it was a zoo with multiple contestants being dragged in the mud for almost the whole arena trying to get a handle on the wild horse only to only have a slippery rope at the end. Wow!! What a night. It was spectacular. The Valentine Rodeo is 2nd to none. We headed home and got back to camp – only .25 of rain at camp but 1-2" everywhere else. After midnight and all were ready for bed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cool at daylight but going to hit 97 today – this will be our hottest day.

Roading: Today's a very big day – Linda back on the roading rig – over a year

since the last time she roaded or used the ATV. Phil bought a new one just so she

could be more comfortable but it's been a slow process. She road it for while the

other day and she got a bit sore but still could do it.

· Midge, Clifford, Robin & Brie - 48 min. Linda was great and handled it well. She knows she worked those hamstrings it but still felt good to start.


· Erin & Jordy – Erin is just running big with a good handle. Very strong and to the front with a nice find. A little soft as Phil road to him but had to relocate and ended with a solid, mannerly find. Jordy is a young, greenbroke – very stylish but not anywhere near the race that Erin had. 50 min.

· Sol & Shauna – Shauna – no head this morning and while Sol was better on the ground – he had some cactus issues. Bonnie feels Buck's in good shape but Sol has a bit to go.

Bonnie packed up and hit the road early afternoon. She has to get home so she can fly out to a hunt test tomorrow in California. She sure keeps a busy schedule. They are officially out of the horse rental business and that's probably a good deal so now they can enjoy the trials they attend. We sure enjoy both her and Dennis when their in camp – we just get so much more done.

Most of the kids left for the river today. Phil, Graham, James & Owen shot some .22 rifle practice then Phil went to town to get the other ATV. He said he was getting it one-way or the other. He came back empty handed so we'll see what's the next step. The guy has a good rep for doing quality work but he is definitely slow.

Never did hit the 97 mark today – maybe 91 but cooling is on the horizon. I took the Gazebo into Stech's to have a new zipper installed so we have an extra for next year. We have the new one all set up by a crew let by the brilliant engineer Grahme imported from England just to head up this project. He tried a cost savings plan to start with by using the original poles but quality won out and he went with an all-new installation that worked great.

The ranchers had planned on coming tonight but out of town visitors kept them from our Steak dinner ( probably have all the steak they can stand) and it was a good one. Steak and sweet corn – ymmmmmmm good!!!!! A great night and good sleeping. Only a couple of days and the kids will all be gone – we sure will miss them!! & of course all the adults that took the time to come to camp.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A very cool morning but the heat is close. 90's for the next several days. The group made a real effort to get moving even though we did the nighttime meteor shower and some stayed up till daylight. Bob G. was on way home this morning and trying to get there by 6:00 PM – he made it. Bob has had a good camp with Brie rounding into shape. He's a bit unhappy with Brenna but Shauna is looking really good. She's got the potential and the heart and almost never get's tired. Great stamina.


· Clifford, Lily, Sorrel & Bandit - 42 min. – nice job.

· Hank, Inde & Lea - this was a strange brace as I roaded this group with the idea of hooking up with the horseback troup and run a brace into camp. We figured that Hank & Inde roaded for 31 min. – took a ½ hour break then 22 min. back to. That's 54 min. in pieces. More later.


· Jorday & Kate - Kate was old Kate today – ran really nice and handled the hills nicely. Jorday a nice back of Kate & a good find of her own. Kate solid point till she moved in and bumped. Got a correction. 42 min. Jorday a much better race.

· Ritha & Brenna – Ritha just tired the whole brace. Brenna a STF then a chase on a wild flush. OK race but not in top shape. 35 min. Plenty of birds moved this morning.

· Buck – getting hot / divide and conquer. He ran a nice big SD race with a strong finish and 1 well handled single chickern.

· Rhett & Lea – now my plan changed and we still had the roading rig so I took Lea off the rig and ran her with Rhett. The idea was to just exercise him in with a chance for released birds on the meadow. Lea had been roaded 2 days in a row and had been down 31 min. already. They both left like they were shot out of a cannon. Corrine handled Lea and I had Rhett. A sideways turned back cast with Lea egging him on – a very gentle tap to turn him while Lea flat left us at the island windmill – she ended up going back to Richardson's land next to Roger's woods and they put her in the car. I kept working Rhett but no birds and not a very good day for the pup. He outruns his tail a lot – most of the time. Maybe he'll slow down a bit and pick that head up and tail up. He's pretty well lost when it comes to hunting in the big country but improves in the meadows along the woods. We'll keep working. Rhett -25 min. Meadow

The birds have been available and reasonably spaced with many large broods – many over 10 birds and all the dogs have been around them. Last year was very good for birds especially the early part of camp and this year is the same. It might even be better – several contacts with very young birds. Well over 40 this morning.

We worked right up to noon. Joe, Lori, Rhe'ann & Whitley - were coming to dinner and Susan was making a total India dinner that took 2 days to prepare. Phil & Graham went shooting this afternoon and I took a nap and then hit work. Finally it was getting late and I drove to the picnic hill and caught up while the guys were still shooting. I shot my Grandfather's Police Revolver - .38 nickel plated Smith & Wesson. Still a great gun.

Packing up, I added to my ding collection – walked into a low hanging tree brance and laid a wound to the top of my head – at least it was shallow. Then while helping Susan cook Naan bread I proceed to grab a oven heated heavy pan and burn the hell out of 2 fingers. My camp for minor injuries.

The kids made the lemon pudding, chocolate mouse, & chocolate Bread & Butter pudding. Rhe'Ann brought cookies to go with our low cal desert.

Awesome dinner – our hats off to the chefs!!!!!!!!!! Joe got out his guitar and made some very fun music – old tunes we all knew some words to – really had fun. They headed home and it was pitch black – no moon yet – we got out the chairs and watched a whole bunch of shooting stars from Perseid. This was a great viewing night because there were no clouds and the moon wasn't up yet. A very warm night but still good sleeping after staying up late again.

Bonnie had headed up to Roger Boser's camp to pick up some pups and breed Penny. 6.5 hours each way – she still said she'd be back to work her dogs & she will!!!!!!!

About 3:30 she rolled in – worn out but here!

Linda had to take Striker to the vet – has some kind of eye infection – really seems quite painful.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


· Lea, Erin, Shauna & Annie – 46 min. – solid job with cool camp morning. Dogs are getting into shape quite nicely.


· Midge & Buck – Buck a big rolling SD race – 1 VG find with birds leaving as we approached. Midge pointed at bottom of hill as many birds left – good but couldn't finish it and then corrected on a fly away – she really fell apart for the next 10+ minutes but then put it together till the end – showing signs of going front better and wanting to handle. Buck had a strong finish and looked good the whole time. 49 min.

· Robin & Brie - Robin 42 min. checking on Phil for an update on this one.

· Bart & Sol – Bart is realling getting into the program – he is very big and looks good going – no observed birds but he well could've been because we just couldn't see him. 35 min.

· Dani & Striker & Charlise - Dani & Stiker hit a lick with Charlise just learning and did fine. She's learning. 25 min.

Jimmy headed home this afternoon after his 1st dog camp. I think he could get hooked. Susan gave some crochet lessons to all interested parties. The afternoon was varied :

Whitney, Katherine & Elizabeth baked a special cake for camp. Devin, Phil & Own all went golfing & Susan prepared the ingredients for an India dinner. I made some pork tenderloins for dinner with some Pecan Pasta . We all hit the hay with the thought of getting up to see Perseid meteor shower. Graham, Phil with some minor input from tried to put Bob Ruff's 22 back together. I gave up at 11 – they got it about midnight. Several of us got up at 4:30 am for the meteor shower – it was great with the only flaw being the moon – it decided to hog part of the sky – we still saw all kinds of meteors. Everyone was a bit groggy this morning.