Friday, August 5, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bonnie and Dennis are life savers! Over the weekend they set up all the barrels and stakes, and got the house situated. Also, Joe and Lori McBride mowed the grass around the house and the dog area on a 102 degree day. THANK YOU!!!

Heather Lyons arranged for her friend, Kelsie, to clean the house prior to our arrival. They also bug-bombed the house and this made for a great head start in getting camp set up. This has to be a standard procedure in the future!

After some minor brake issues in the early morning, Lucas and Whitney left with the Boss’ rig at 9:30am with 13 dogs and 3 horses. Getting in Old Blue without Ken and Linda didn’t seem right--but they will be joining us next week! YES!!!

The crew met up with Bob and Renee Knutson hauling 4 dogs and 2 horses near Freeport and the convoy started. Bob’s rig looked like the Beverly Hillbilly Clampett’s with a new mattress and bed headboards in the bed of the truck. All he needed was a rocking chair and a fridge to complete the picture. Temperature was a bit hot, but dry. Checked animals just west of Dubuque and all were content.

The convoy picked Sioux City as the destination this year and arrived at 5:30pm. Suggestion for next year is to leave 1 hour later so arrival is at 6:30pm, closer to when the temp might be a bit cooler.

We overnighted at the Day’s Inn Motel which we picked because of its proximity to Eldon’s restaurant where we enjoyed a great dinner and wine list last year. The motel allowed us to park on a grassy area, facing north/south so we’d have more shade for the dogs. All were happy to get out and stretch their legs. Bob pulled out some chairs and, in keeping with a long tradition, offered some adult beverages. Temperature was hot and humid, but cool in the shade, and a nice breeze.

Had a good dinner at Eldon’s followed by some ice cream at Culver’s. Mary rolled in at 11pm after a 14 hour drive and then called it a night.

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