Sunday, August 8, 2010

Break #2- dog camp blog - 8/8/10

Break # 1 – midday on 7/31

The day was very warm and we just took it kinda easy. Checked on birds and watched the boys – mow – getting the home meadow done. That's great. We got some rain at night – less then .3 – good for the hills but they want the meadows dry to bail.

I was still a bit under the weather and just hung out. Plenty of nap time. Roger, Jason, Janet, Devin and Mason, Ryan & Heather all were around and stopped in to visit.

By the time everyone was fed and picked up we were late – so off to the Golden Steer for dinner. We had a very nice meal and got back to camp it was close to 10:00. Had a movie out ( Snow Dogs) and some ice cream and we were set.

Sunday, August 1, 1010

I had done a bunch of work on Friday and realize I have to head to Pittsburgh for a day this week. About a 2-3 hour meeting but 3 days to make the connections and get there on time. Sure hope it's worth the trip.

Linda got her first week under her belt and was looking forward to getting back to the main operator of the Roading Rig!!!!!!! She does a great job and has a keen eye to watch for soreness & injuries.


Shauna & Hank: Daylight brought an end to a 70 degree night.

Hank still not in shape but working at it. A strong race early for Hank.

He bent the wrong was at the start of the Picnic Pasture but handled around for Ed. Good flowing moves – got down to the bottom of the hill by the lake and still pretty strong – pointed up the hill and his tank was getting heavy by the time he crested it. He worked his way to the windmill but had lost his pop. Very hot – he got plenty of water but after 20 he was pushing himself.

Shauna ran a big front running race – probably in the best condition of

any of the adult dogs. A smooth forward application went unrewarded

with birdwork but still a very solid 40 min. for the '08 Futurity dog.

She's shaping up well.

Jamie & Bentley – big & fast – brings back the images of some past

young stars like: Boomer, Rita, Rex & Kirby - Flash, , Dolly,

Bandit Picabo & last year's Gault. – these all fine young Derby's that left a high standard on the prarie. Except for Gault ( too young) these all went to great careers & wonderful performances.

Jamie & Bently are only 10 months along with Sadie & Jerry Jeff are showing tremendous raw talent. A week of foot handling and almost loosing them – on the hills off horseback. Off to the races – constant big moves – independent and fast. They even manage to come about 10 min. after we're done but that's okay right now. These are shining young dogs. 30 min.


Red, Blue, Right Side and Right shoulder – had their 1st time on the course. All showed hunt, speed, good tail set with cracking tails and desire for independence. Some nice moves for this young crew born only a few months ago. What a fun way to start them.

We finished up the weekend with some nice dogs and a good meal.

The first 2 weeks are done and I have to say it's been hot and difficult to get all the work done we wanted. We made progress and got several dogs exposed to the hills.

A warm night with a really loud barker who kept the whole string popping in – not sure who it is but we'll find out tomorrow.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A very warm night and bad sleeping due to all the barking. We got

got going with myself mainly doing office work. Monday's are a big

work day. Still everyone was doing there best and getting dogs all set



Lea, Erin, Annie & Sorrel

Solid roading but the boys were brats – still have a couple of females

on the edge of heat. 30 min.

Lily: Big day for Lily – her 1st on the big machine after months of

rehab. She did great after Linda worked her out every day with a

special rehab program designed by U of Wisconsin. I cannot say

enough good things about the Vet program they have and the care they

took with Lily. Now ready to get back on the program.

Linda and Lily came in all smiles – 10 minutes on the rig at 5 mph

for the 1st day. A great start.

Mariah - she's been in season and is just out so Linda got her on the

rig and got her 1st session. 18 solid minutes.

Fin, Dawn & Acey: All 3 showed a keen desire to go places at a

high rate of speed. Dawn might be the most objective orientated with

Fin and Acey showing the drive- Fin – big moves and mainly front –

these are 4+ month old pups for the Irish and Acey a 5 month old English who fit right in. These are our 2nd set of 4 litters of young dogs. Thisis the Gault/Brenna litter.

Robbie - on horseback with Bob & Ed handling. The goal was

to handle her front and stay with her to get it right. She ran down the

first edge and made the corner only to run up some chickens and off

to chase – Bob got her stopped – worked on for the first 15 min. and

did the off the horse correction only twice. Making progress – got

tired in the heat the last 5 min. 20 min.

For the record and easy referrel:

#1 – litter born out of Clifford( part Norwegian Breeding) and

Joy. They'll be 1 year in late September.

#2 – litter born our of Katrina ( Clifford's mom ) bed to Galt.

Litter born at the end of March this year.

#3 – litter born out of Galt bred to Brenna ( a Bitch Bob G.

out of Brie. Pups were born early April.

#4 – Repeat breeding of last falls litter – Clifford/ Joy. born in

early May.

Phil Ruff & Family ( 2 Joy litters) , Mary Pavelco and Bob

Geddeis all raised these litters at their homes and gave them awesome

young upbringing. At a very young age they're learning to travel,

be part of a string but still getting plenty of TLC and learn about life

on the prarie.


Sadie & Jerry Jeff – Jerry Jeff is Dave & Vickie's dog ( only pup) out

Suzie and Sol. Same age as Sadie. They rocked and rolled – as all

these pups are doing at this point. Sadie – smooth and fast – Jerry Jeff

a bit on the gangly side going through a growth cycle but still very

athletic. They ran and stretched– top of some big hills and barely able

to get Sadie to go with Bob– Jerry Jeff took the fenceline between us

Seidel's place and went through the gate and up the hill as he was

coming back – Sadie hooked him and they were up in the hills. Jerry

Jeff came into Dave to get water and he's learning to handle – Sadie

knows nothing about handle yet but we're patient. This is 4 very

powerful young dogs. 35 min for Sadie – 30 for Jerry Jeff.


Rio – Using released birds on the hills for these guys – just trying to

get it all right before we cut them loose.

Rio handled nicely and went willingly with Ed – Ed's doing a fine job

of following the program and developing relationship with Rio. First

bird was smooth and very stylish – he pointed – handled with perfect

manners and not a word from Ed. As Ed was taking the dog off – he

hooked Ed and went back to the area where he just was – making an

error when Ed sent him off and he went back to the hot spot. Gave

him a correction and put him away. Ed was very silent throughout the

session only mild commands used.

Galt - Galt actually went first and went up a hill where we are

working and by the time I got there he was 300 yards away rolling – I

turned him and he responded nicely – brought him back into this area

and he winded a bird – roaded in for maybe 15 yards and pointed. He

was a bit soft but firmly planted. As I got to him he styled up

perfectly and had a very solid find – bird flushed. We shot over him

and called it a day.

Mild day today – for a change. I continued to do business stuff and

Bob G. had a major test of patience – fighting with HUGHES Satellite

about our wireless. This has been going since the start of camp. No

working internet – lucky for us Phil sent out his Hot Spot set-up and

we've been able to work with that. equipment. Now there trying to

charge us extra fees to upgrade when they were the fault of the problem. Ed worked on his projects and we did some rearranging of

dogs as the bitches in season come out. Roger's crew had a full head of steam cutting hay on the meadows. They have found several grouse

on the meadow as they were making hay. Good sign.


The mowing crew came through and all visited for awhile with Devin

stopping in talking about his bow hunting trip with Dennis H. and my

son Bob.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another warm morning on the agenda. Jimmy Ferguson is due about

10:00 am to work on our 5 horse's teeth. They needed it.


Robbie, Shauna, Hank & Kate – 30 min.

Mariah & Lily – 17 min.


Rhett & Rio - working with Rhett and make sure he doesn't bump off

the line. They cast off was smooth and no indications from either dog

that there wasn't a problem. A solid point by Rhett with Rio backing

50 yards away – very nice job. A borderline STF on Rhett's part with

Rio taken away. Overall a good job by both dogs.

Mariah – hadn't worked since trial season but she handled 2 birds like

the pro she is – class on both with long range points on both birds.

She's ready for the hills.

Jamie - worked on a checkcord and got a point – not as stylish as she

could be due to the fact she could see it but still pointed.

Bently - good checkcord piece for this young dog.

Annie – she pointed but then left the bird. Not what Ed wanted today.

It's now way to hot for dogs and the air is dead. A quiet evening at

dog camp.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A bit cooler and a touch of rain last night. I'm up early and getting

ready for my trip to Pittsburgh. I got packed up and down the road to a

flight from Omaha. I got to just west of Norfolk and had a call letting

me know the meeding had been cancelled. I turned around and head-

ed back to camp. Good to be back.


Lea, Erin, Brenna & Rhett – 30 min.u

Lily – 17 min. – 6 mph


Annie & Shauna 35 min – A strong race for Shauna but no luck

around birds. Annie pointed one then left it. Not good! She ran out

of gas at this point and called it a day.

Bart & Jamie – Bart hasn't been run all spring or summer. He'll

make someone a nice pet and hunting companion. 20 min. and a bit

tired while Jamie rolled – too much dink bird hunting but very high

on the stamina and drive. 30+ min.

Arrived back in town about 12:30 or 1:00. Bob had a sign made

for the highway 7 board – Circle Paw – will put on the Blog. Looks


Very warm afternoon. Kinda hung out in town. George Newcomb

game by the bar and we visited for quite awhile.

A lazy night and a good dinner with the McBride's coming over

after dinner. We had some good music player and a very nice visit.

Whitely will be around after football practice.

Thursday, August 4, 2010

Promise of it being cooler today. We'll see!


Whitley was in camp this morning and helped us bird work dogs. He

has football early in the morning. He comes right after and digs right

in and helps.

Lea, Galt, Rio – 31 min.

Robbie, Hank, Katie – 30 min


Mariah & Brenna – Mariah running the hills nicely – had a bird flush

wild Ed command whoa and as he dismounted and walked to her – more birds were flushed in groups – very stylish and mannerly for the

for the rest of the 15 bird covey. In the meantime, Brenna chased the

ones that flew past her. 30 min. – good hunt for Mariah but she's short on conditioning.


Sorrel & Rhett – We continue on to find Rhett a bracemate he

doesn't like and I've yet to find one. Cast off was perfect. Sorrel

backed on Bob's command and handled Rhett's STF – which he moved

on. They went on and Rhett had a good find and Sorrel a command

back that I had to firm him up. 22 min. Coarses for both dogs were

pretty good.

Rio - Still on foot – forward and roaded in on an area that had birds

he handled STF but wanted to move on as more flushed. Not his best

day but sill more good than bad.

Galt – Galt was hunting nicely around the pond. Had birds planted

on fenceline – and pointed very nicely – bird stood up and he took

stopping across the fenceline and settled a bit – we corrected worked

on – not pretty and finally got a bid planted in good cover and he had

a stylish mannerly find. Ended on a positive note.

Fin, Dawn & Acey – a nice race with dogs and horses – Fin and

Acey put up 5-6 chickens – 1st wild contact – great for them. Dawn

good but not with the other guys when they got birds.

Sadie & Jerry Jeff- Sadie the race that wouldn't stop. Big but more

signs of handle. Jerry Jeff all over the place – good speed and ? hunt

he just won't come to you and ran around for close to an hour before

we got him – close to camp. Sadie is definitely hunting.

A nice night – had a good dinner and relazing evening. Ed's leaving

tomorrow after we run. He's heading home and then to Australia.

He'll be back toward the end of camp.

Friday, August 6, 2010

No football today so Whitley is at camp and riding the hills with us.

He's a big help!!!!!!!!


Annie, Rhett, Sorrel & Mariah & a very big Buck Antelope by the

first pond. That got Linda's crew on their toes. 30 min.

Lily – Linda needs to tell this story.

For those of you who haven't heard the saga of Lily – almost 6

long months ago, Lily had 1" of tendon removed from her left shoulder

joint as a result of a tear and fraying. The U. of Wisconsin surgeon

attached the end of the remaining tendon with a screw & washer – and

guided us through physical therapy. Lily has not been allowed off lead

except to be loose in the house – and then only after first 3 months.

Only controlled exercises and walking on lead – some trotting last

month was added.

Basic rules have been –

NO prancing – NO dancing – NO running – NO playing – NO FUN !

Following is a blog written by Lily to her family and friends :

I'm Back ! by Lily Ruff

Mon. 8 / 2 – Linda finally roaded me from the ATV for only 10 min.

at 5mph – felt great being a dog again!

Tues. 8 / 3 – Linda roaded me for 17 @ 6 mph – I'm getting there!

Wed. 8 / 4 – I'm finally out of season – roaded another 17 – but this

time I decided to try a bit of "jogging" – no problem!

Thurs. 8/5 – I'm feeling fit as a fiddle and Never any lameness – I'm

allowed to be on the stake out cable to the trailer all day – I'm

really feeling Great – but no roading today – Bummer!

Fri. 8/6 – I roaded from camp – all around the Second Meadow South.

Heading back to camp, we turned around some hay bales

and surprise – a covey of quail were scurrying around the shady

side of the bales! Of course, I pointed them and thank goodness

Linda noticed and also came to a screamin' halt! My tail was about

10 o'clock – but Linda encouraged me to 12 o'clock.

The quail were trying to run around the bales – but ran into Linda

coming around the other side!

No place to go – the quail exploded to the sky – 10 of them!

Linda came back to congratulate me – I must admit – I was proud

of me too!

I even tried out some short-lopes on the way back to camp – 28

minutes – YAHOO!

What a good day – but my story continues –

Linda walked me back to hook me up to the trailer – and my good

fortune continued – I realized that Linda wasn't holding onto my

collar for only a second – so I wandered over to the other side of

the tree. Linda told me to "come" – and normally I would – but

Clint was watching from the other side of the yard – and I wanted

to tell him my story.

Linda started getting a little tense – demanding me to "come here

Lily Ruff" – so I told the puppies briefly – but they didn't get it –

so I RAN over to my family's trailer on the hill – circling but no

where to go – Linda is now becoming unglued and pleading me

to come - along with a string of swear words.

I'm obviously already in trouble – so what have I got to lose?

I've been waiting 6 months for an all stretched out victory lap &

today is the perfect day for it! So I ran full stride to the dog line –

they ALL cheered me on and congratulated me !

I then obediently went directly back to me home on the trailer –

Linda was there at the same time. She alternately hugged me and

pointed her finger in my face.

I'm sorry I scared Grammy – but it sure felt good – and after all,

I wasn't running with scissors!

I'm back!


Erin & Shauna - 35 min. on Richardson's place west of us – a nice

solid application for both dogs but Shauna just has the speed. She is

class. Erin up the hill and a legit STF on chicken at 22. Good finish even though it was getting hot.

Moved to Roger's by the lake – more birds we hoped.

Robin & Rio – Robin is very steadily impoving – staying on her she

was bigger at the end and looked good. A poorly handled STF and

somewhere during that correction he noticed his IPhone was gone.

oooops' He and Whitley went back to scour the area but no such

luck. He's taking the ATV back this afternoon to scour the area.

Rio on the other hand ran a very smooth and attractive 35 min in the

heat. No bird contacts but not because of lack of effort. He looked


Back to camp – with Ed packing up and heading down the road. He'll

be back towards the last 2 weeks of camp. Whitley will be back if he canwith football practice the main event right now.

We hit town and did some business and some visiting – 90 plus this

afternoon. Dennis is still due in camp tonight. We ate very late as it

was taking forever to cool down. We took in a movie and stayed up to it cooled down. It was after 11 for us – Dennis rolled in about midnight.

Trailer was connected, running order done – we plan on beating the heat.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yep it's cool this morning but the promise of big heat wave to come.

Dennis had his crew ready to go. Heather called early this morning

invited us down for supper. We're looking forward to it. We're all

up early and got Linda out on the roading rig before 7:00 AM.


Galt , Brenna, Kate & Mariah – 40 min. This is Linda's 1st 40

min. trip but lots of stops early. Still a good sign with Galt figuring

out the roading rig.

Lily – 24 min. @ 7 mph: She was not stiff or favoring at all this

morning. Linda put in 90% of the rehab on this young female and

she is really excited by the wonderful results. Corrine did a lot of the

later work as it involved gentle jogging to loosen everything up for

this more intense workout. We are hopeful she will continue.


Rhett & Houston ( pointer ) - took them to the line and let them

meet each other. Cut Houston loose first and had Rhett give a slight

indication of a move to the male – a very light ( low 2) hit and he

turned and never looked at his bracemate again. Still his race was

less then I've seen and not really in a bird finding mood after this –

Houston showed some big moves and needed to be road for and

brought around. 25 min.

The weather is warming very fast – nice breeze helping. Devin and his

buddy Jeff came out and road all morning. Jeff's first time running

bird dogs but he's got Devin teaching him & that's a real good


Sorrel & Sol - These were cut loose into the hills – Sorrel a very good

start with forward moving casts – he had moments that were great-

Sol had some spots that were very good but he is definitely short on

conditioning. Sol had a couple of very solid non-productives. Sorrel

was somewhat erratic in his application but showed much better

stamina and had a bird contact where he roaded up a valley with a

couple of stops and finally a STB with the birds a good distance away.

This is why you work wild birds – 15 chickens got out and he stood

with Sol backing nicely. Back to the pond and headed into camp – at

about 40 or so the dogs were slipping with Sorrel showing heart and

overall 50 min. on the ground. 51 min.

Bently & Homer – Homer was a bit on the short side and never

really pleased Dennis. Bently showed good eye appeal and some

nice application with a cracking tail. 25 min. It was not the biggest

I've seen Bently but still some nice independence and we got him into


Jamie & Tippy - Jamie a rather spotty application for her – just

loves those trash birds to a fault – need to get her in wild birds and

changing focus – Tippy a very flashy smooth running bitch – we

enjoyed her moves – big jack rabbit chase – but she recovers quick-

ly. Overall these two showed great potential.

Back at camp by noon – very hot and pushing 100 – we had a lot of

kitchen time today – visiting with Denny – going to be short days the

next few days – hot – hot.

Dinner tonight with Jason & Heather!

---- great dinner with Heather & Jason's folks there and everyone

having a good meal and some good stories.

Going to be very hot tomorrow – 100+ is the rumor.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warm morning with the high temperatures lowered to middle

90's. Devin came over and we loaded horses and headed 4 miles



Lea, Erin, Brenna & Gault – 40 min. fast brace says Linda – they

are up to speed and getting strong. She uses all the home meadow and

south meadow to get her time in.

Hank & Kate – 40 min with Hank a bit on the lethargic side. Still

they are coming along.


Shauna & Kate (Dennis's Irish) – these two got off covering ground

with Shauna very fast and reaching nicely. At about 20 she pointed,

moved and knocked a covey of chickens. She was corrected and sent

on – a little less of a reckless step after that encounter. Kate needed a

correction after an error and Shauna came in and blinked the back-

not a good day for either one.

Buck(Dennis's-Pointer) & Rio – the old pro and young Futurity dog.

Buck started by crossing the fence line and headed south. Rio showed

good forward application as a medium GD. He has signs of being

worked on foot while being broke but he's opening up more and more.

We never connected with Dennis & Devin again – onward hunting

some low hills along the waterway. Rio casting back at us into the

wind and Bob called Point. A very slight tick as I arrived as he

styled up nicely. Nose and tail at 12:00 – I was thinking turtle do to

the heavy sand on this knoll and as I dismounted the birds began to

boil out with 4 distinct flushes of 5 or 6 sharptail each - over 20

birds in the covey. Rio was a statue the whole time and remained

solid for the shot and then the 'good boy pet' as it was completed.

What a wonderful piece of work for such a young dog. He was

sent on and finished reaching to the east as I called him back to the

truck – job well done. 35 min. Dennis reported a excellent find

for Buck on chickens and a powerfull shooting dog race to give

Rio a run for his money. We agreed to do a 2nd series next week-

end when he comes back to camp.

Now it was very hot in the hills and we had young dogs so we

called it a morning. Back at camp we put the animals up and Bob

took Brie for a run on the meadow. Found her standing along the

corner of the center cut. A well handled covey of quail – nicely

handled with good style. In the meantime, Bob's horse had seen

enough and headed back to camp. Bob had a good walk back.

Dennis packed up and headed home. Bonnie will be in tomorrow for

her midweek visit. Devin headed home and we're ready for an after-

noon siesta.

Break # 2 – midday on 8/8/2010

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