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Ainsworth Report - 2010


…………………it's been a long time coming but 2010 Brophy's

Summer camp is on the way. 2009 ended with a bang as Phil won

the National Amatuer Championship at Booneville with Lucas

scouting. This proved to be a very formidable team under very

adverse conditions.

Congratulations - a job well done for Phil, Lucas & Lea!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

We have a bit of an early start this year as Phil, Jenny, Lucas, Corinne, and Owen are yachting the Mediterranean Sea with their friends from

England that had visited camp last year. Actually, Graham, Susan,

James and Elizabeth Morrison quickly became members of our dog camp family and we miss them this year.

So we decided to leave for camp earlier this year so Lucas and Corinne could enjoy at least a week of Circle Paw. We ended up leaving mid-day on Monday with Linda and I driving the ATV / Basil/ Puppy Trailer -- Mary Pavelko hauling horses and more puppies – with Clifford as her navigator --Lucas and Corinne drove Phil's rig out and took a load of horses while Bob Geddeis and his grand niece, Nicolette met us west of Dubuque. It was very hot and we planned an arrival in Ft. Dodge that evening with cooler temperatures. 3:30 was the final cast-off and we did manage to arrive in about 8:30 on Monday evening.

Plenty of fresh herbs, both Jenny and Susan gave me a big pot of basil along with oregano & parsley for our camp kitchen. Lots of items for special home made food we all enjoy at camp.

We had talked to Roger Painter on the weekend and learned that he had dug a new well for camp. Problem was getting the time to be able to finish it. We appeared to try and do the trip with no water in camp and decided to hold off. About late Sunday morning he gave us the word we'd have water on Tuesday when we arrived. We went for it and plans were back on line – YEAH!!!

Mary carried some of the horses and a bunch of puppies. We have puppies from 3 litters coming to camp. We have had a wonderful spring breeding season with 24 dogs born in the 3 litters. Very difficult to pick the bests so we brought everyone to camp so we had a good chance to evaluate the crew. This is fun but lots of work. You've got to keep the dogs cool and not dehydrate just like us.

Lee Shoaf got his dogs over to the house and Lucas & Corinne brought them to camp. Lee will be out later. I got all my work stuff put together and should be ready to connect as soon as Bob G. gets our Satellite working.

Tuesday,July 20, 2010

A very good nights sleep. No well to worry about so we hit the road. Sue Lloyd left Sycamore on Tuesday AM after managing a big family reunion with about 90 folks for the weekend. She was up about 3:00 am and had Kelly & Whitney with her as they loaded up and made the trip in one day. They had 3 horses along with Lucas having 4 and Mary the rest. We arrived in camp with Jason and the well crew still working on the water. Devin widened our road into camp and no sinking into the sand with our rigs ! Todd & Sonja had the barrels all out and set up with even the sprinklers ready for our arrival. Jason mowed where ever the sheep missed – camp was beautiful – THANK YOU PAINTER FAMILY ! We had to juggle things around so the well men could work and we got spots for the horses. Dogs were pretty easy with all the main parts all set up. We got them all a good stretch and fed them. We've got a lot more to set up with more people and birds due later in the week.

We stopped at Roger's house on the way in and topped off all our water tanks as we came into town so we'd have at least horse and dog water to start camp.

Sue and girls arrived a bit later in the afternoon. The well men got us some water and learned the bathroom toilet had a major problem So Bob and I planned for a quick trip to town and get a new commode. I don't know how Bob got the job but he handled it with dignity!!!!!

Linda brought all the fixens for a fresh meal of cold cuts and chips and a very tired crew kicked back and took a deep breath. Plenty still to set up but we'll wait till tomorrow. A good night for sleeping but no one told the dogs. A rather restless night for the dogs especially since a couple of coyotes were sending our guys a greeting card Howl!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Jamie, Sadie & Bentley - took the 3 for a short walk back near the pond or tried to go that way. Had the 3 show drive and independence. Even some chase of dragon flies with tons of speed. Some excellent promise here.

Galt/Brenna Pups– worked the two females once again as I was having a tough time picking mine and Spero was coming tomorrow for his pup – had to make a decision soon. Very good eye appeal and speed – both showing lots of class. More good pups.

Linda and Sue took charge of the house and got everything all cleaned. up. Not a fancy place but definitely our summer Home!!! Feeling good already.

Bob got a new toilet installed as the well guys finished up with several hydrants installed. No more dragging hoses – again – THANK YOU PAINTER FAMILY !! This will be great for access to water for the animals.

Wednesday afternoon Spero arrived with his son Quinn. They jumped in and helped with any setups we needed. We got them a place for the horses and got him parked.

We had Jimmy Ferguson do some teeth work on 5 horses and he'll be back to do more.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Jamie, Bentley & Sadie – ran them down at the lake on foot. These pups all have speed and drive with Jamie the biggest, Bentley – 2nd and Sadie a solid 3rd. All usable in a good puppy stake.

3 Clifford/Joy pups – 1st time out for these pups and was very pleased with their attitude and structure. 10 weeks old – lots of eye appeal.

Bill Bryan & Bruce arrive in late afternoon. Got the pups set up and headed to town for some needed sleep. They had a good trip and glad to be in camp. They plan on rebuilding the bird house – snow load knocked it down.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The day was cool but hot weather was the norm. 90 most days. Bill and Bruce were out early from town. We ran puppies on foot.

Ladd & Jamie – Jamie the bigger and more stylish but Ladd showing hunt but not the eye appeal that Bill was hoping to see. Still a very respectable job.

Shauna & Erin – these 2 just went out and did the job – Shauna the bigger runner, Erin the journeyman with 1 good find for Erin = took a bit to get him solid but a very good piece of work. Shauna got into chasing some and needs to be touched up a bit. 42 min. 18 chickens,

Belle, Bentley, Sadie – worked the pups in the corner near where the bird pen guys were working. Dogs all got around pretty good but Belle showed more experience – Both Bentley and Sadie show good speed.

Ed Meyer arrived in camp with 3 dogs and tons of food. We were really getting it together. Needed parts for the ATV and new roading

parts as we left our bars at home. Got it all set up

Had a fun dinner with the speakers working and the Gazebo was up. Flys are bad but the bugs stay away from the Gazebo. Got the puppies set up just to the south so they can interact with us and we can watch them play and fight.

Great dinner with Joe and Laurie and their family stopping by to visit. We had a great visit. Good friends and just fun to have around.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday morning appeared to be a hot one and we had a big crew that were anxious for the hills.


Bentley & Sadie – off for a good time with good speed and chase of trash birds. Need to get the real thing.

Clifford –Mary hunted him around the pond and had a consistant hunting race with good stamina.


Lea & Brenna – good solid races here with Brenna having 2 stylish broke finds – tail set the best she's had and completely steady – having pups agreed with her. Lea and Brenna had a divided find on a turtle but other than that a solid 35 min. with 5 chickens.

Bart & Doc – Doc is Spero's dog and showed a solid gun dog race. Bart after a very long layoff – started slow and built – solid 25 min with a good finish.

Now it's Saturday late morning, we got the ATV completed, 3 johnie houses repaired plus the big pen fixed and we're in the mode to get some work done.

The kids are leaving tomorrow and we'll really miss them. We all went to town ( Sue, Kelly, Corinne, Lucas, Whitney, Mary, Bill, Bruce, Ed, Bob & Nicholette, Linda & Ken) all went to Valentine and donated to the local store – not like our store in Ainsworth but some odds and ends stuff and fun to see. Linda hit the bookstore and so did some of the kids.

WE had dinner at the Pepper Mill and enjoyed it immensely. Very good food and service. I took off for Wood Lake where we met John Rabidou and Al McGonical waiting for our 1st bird delivery. Marty from Emmet, Ne supplies us with fine flying birds. Tomorrow we start getting the main schedule going.

I guess Bob G. got a reminder about the music he can play with 3 young adults and a female lead--- he still has a stuffed head ( maybe that's always's that way ). The young adults hit the bar and a round of Snooker with Jason and Devin. Devin's been around a bit with Mason growing up fast. Shannon working nights at the hospital.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We have very green meadows with some water standing, the hills are in good shape and there seem to be an ample supply of birds. Cool crisp morning . No hills planned today but we're going over to Ken Steele's to set up a johnie house for the pups. They're already mowed and it should be great for the young dogs.

Roading: 1st day on the rig. Linda's hamstrings are doing great but she's got a big bruise and will need a few days before she can road.

Robin, Annie, Brie & Hank – old pros except for Robin and she did great. 21 min. at an easy pace.

Kate, Rhett, Shawna & Lea – smooth 21 min.

Lucas, Kelly & Corinne had someone bring a horse trailer into town and they all road their horses up there at a nice and easy place. Lunch at the Pizza Hut and they loaded up and came back home.

Bill and Bruce went to the Niobrara Park and had fun doing the tour, prairie dogs, elk and bison plus a nice ride near the Niobrara River.

Bob G. went up to Roger's and helped mow while Whitney and Nicholet went barrel racing with Heather. It's been a fun week with all the young adults – they're all leaving on Monday and we're sure going to miss all their help and fun. It's great to see young folks like this involved in our sports and activities. They worked dogs, worked cattle, rode horses and just had a fun time.


We have two extremely high quality 'green brokes' in camp. Galt ( Lucas and my dog) and Rio ( Ed Meyer's dog with co-owners Jay Zirkle and Sam McDonald) and manager – Dave Tompkins or is that Vickie.

Rio is fresh over breaking and challenging Ed as is Galt challenging Lucas. Right now we're working on confidence and forward patterning while we're working a large (160 acre) meadow on foot. Both have tons of run but we need control and polish. Should be big time fun with these 2 dogs.

Rio – 9-10 minutes on the ground – seen under a young chukar and directed back to handler – bird flushed behind dog – went on and had a point, semi- solid as 1 more step put 2 chukar in the air. Ed corrected and did a prolong flush, shot and picked up. Got to be conisistant with these Greenie's.

Galt – about 11 min. with Galt, - doing the same – trying to get a smooth flowing race and build the repoire between handler and dog. Galt really stretched and came back hunting hard. No birds and we weren't trying for birds. Very smooth session.

Puppies on Meadow:

Belle/Ragner – good outing w/more exposure each day.

Paris/Ladd/Sylvia & Daney- all the pup;s doing fine with Ladd a

much better time down.

AC, Finn & Dawn – big cast by AC and all dogs showing speed and


Bill and Bruce are all packed up and heading out at 5:30 am along with Lucas and his crew. He's taking Nicholet to the airport in Omaha so she can go show her horse in competiion. She's a very nice young lady enjoying her first time in camp. Her and Whitney have become buds as are Corinne and Kelly and all get along great with Heather.

Sue, Kelly and Corinne will be leaving in the morning but at a more leisurely pace. They plan to stop and ride in Iowa.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The gang was up early with Lucas, Corinne & Nicki out the door by 5:30 and drivng to the Omaha airport to send Nicki on her way to St. Louis and a week on a boat in the Ozarks. Lucas and Corinne had to get home to get ready for the Cruise on the Mediterranean in the Greek Isles.

Sue, Kelly and Whitney packed up and left about 8:00 heading for an overnight at a place in Iowa with a horse trail. All left talking about the fun they had in camp.

Bill and Bruce got out of town around 5:30 also and headed home. They sure seemed to enjoy themselves and were awesome workers.

They can come back anytime.

Going to be a warm day today and tomorrow. We planned on working the young dogs.


Erin, Sorrel & Robbie - 21 min.

Rio, Brenna & Kate – 20 min.

Meadows @ Steele - have our Johnie house up and stocked with chukar. We'll work young dogs there on a regular basis.

Jamie & Bently – both did a nice job with good speed and plenty of birdiness. Mainly front running the Jamie the bigger of the two.

Sadie & Jerry Jeff – not as much range but both pups show plenty of potential.

Clifford - run by himself at the first pond. He ran over a small covey of young birds – appear to be Huns. Mary hunted him around and found he holds better being circled on the flush. Good style and intensity. He's is definitely maturing and getting into the routine.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hot & very humid. We're still catching horses and going to give it a try.

Meadows & Steele's.

Rio – We hunted him around the pasture and he handled nicely. Got into some flying chukar and stood with intensity. Not a real bad piece of work. Continued on and handled for Ed.

Galt – took a slightly different angle – let him go and he ripped – came back after a couple of minutes. No finds but good race and a bit tough to pick up.

Back to camp and ready to get horses – mid' 80's already. We called it a day and it hit 96 very windy degrees. Not a good dog day. Did projects and general r & r. Got some projects done.

Made the rest of our tamales and some pork chops. Got the movie cranked and weather just dropped 10 degrees. Joe, Lauriee, RayAnne and friends came over and we visited till late. Finished off with some great ice cream. Just a fun time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cooled down during the night. Actually got quite cool We saddled up and Linda took a roading crew and got the day started early.


Lea, Rhett ( 1st time) & Brenna – 17 min.


Erin & Shauna - a strong race for both dogs. We let Shauna out on the way to the breakaway where we saw sharptail walking. She hunted all around and finally got into birds – STF with help and minor correction. Ran both for 37 min. Shauna the bigger but both did a real nice job – mainly front and good range.

Sorrel & Kate - Sorrel's 1st 15 was very strong as was Katie's – both got into an area with lots of scents – Turtle? -- and neither really recovered their forward momentum. 30 min.

Robbie & Annie - A real good time for Annie with her pointing birds twice and staying around for flush and shot with some chase after that – showing a bit of confidence. Robbie showed excellent speed and range and pretty good forward movement. Bob G. found that she went forward well while swinging to the left but as she came across to the right she was sliding very lateral and in some cases to the rear. A slight tickling seemed to help that and over all I'm seeing progress. 25 min.

Clifford - Meadow – S – 20 + min. showing good hunt and Mary working on hot weather conditioning.

Back to the heat with the mister and hose keeping the dogs moderately cool. This is one of those very consistant 90 degree spells with only the 1st day at camp in the 70's and one other day of 80 – everything else is 90+. We're just concentrating on projects and letting the dogs acclimate and condition moderately.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roading: Linda now back regularly doing the roading and feeling good. She's got to condition herself now – with all the bouncy terrain and hot weather – it takes some getting used to. She's doing great.

Brenna, Hank & Rio – 20 min.

Meadows – Steele's place. Nice and cool this morning with dew on the grass – went to work with the puppies.

Fin (Bob G's), Acey (Stan & Susan's) & Dawn (Ken & Linda) – took them along the uncut edges and got very solid work from all 3, lots of hunt, plenty of range and nice carriage. Acey showed the biggest move but all hunted independently. 14 min.

Dagney, Paris, Sylvia & Ragner – these 4 are going home with Mary on Friday. They show hunt and drive – chased some dicky birds and in general a positive time down. Great beginning for these pups – still having a problem with car sickness but doing better. 12 min.

Hills: took the 9 month old pups to Triple Gates. Parked on top of a hill and let them go:

Jamie, Bentley, Sadie( Joy's 1st letter) & Jerry Jeff (Suzie's Pup). This is rock and roll time. All 4 hunt from the get-go – with Jamie making the 1st huge move. We're on foot and about 5 min into the brace we decided this is the last time walking. We would've had trouble staying with them on horseback. Sadie made it way to the west appearing on the other side of the lake. Jamie up on a southern hill bringing Bentley along. Jerry Jeff cruising to the east and we had to coax him around. The best eye appeal was Jamie with Sadie close but maybe some bigger range. We had our hands full – Ed & Bob went to get the vehicles to help chase them but we eventually brought them all to us-- VERY GOOD BRACE – all could've won most puppy stakes.

No more pack running either – need to keep track of them. 20+ min.

Another hot day – by the time we were back it was cooking out so we were done for the day. Still got dogs worked. Had some awesome sweet corn and had great Pork Chots – double cut.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A nice gentle rain during the night – under .3 but still good for the hills. The crew is supposed to arrive here this afternoon and start mowing. That will help us a lot. Bob's been mowing quite a bit for Roger. Going to tri and sget some things done this morning as I have to get my truck worked on at 10AM.


Rio: This was really a birdwork session. Been making progress with both Rio and Galt and now we're ready to move up. Rio worked around on foot – came into the pond area and up the little rise and pointed nicely. Ed totally quiet as he approached the dog. He had to look extensively to find the bird and then a gentle whoa as he flushed – Rio perfect. Called it a session!

Galt: He ran around and handled down into the pond area – worked up to the bird – stopped a couple of times but eventually crowded the bird and dove in and caught it. He was corrected and tried to settle – I tapped him on low ( collar on waist ) and stood and was mannerly for the shot. The next one he couldn't smell or didn't want to but I had to whoa him when he was crowding the bird – a slight settle – correction and the find for flush and shot. I put him on a checkcord worked him in and he pointed – I styled him up and had a good flush with perfect manners and no commands. We finished very positive and he was happy with himself. All in all – a great session for Rio – ok for Galt.

Rhett & Erin – walked them down together – no issues – cast off a foot apart and zero issues. Ran around the tall grass well and picked him up after a few minutes.

I'm off to town – get the oil change, rear door doesn't want to unlock so we had that fixed. Did some shopping and reading and watch the temperature rise.

Back at camp, Mary packed up and headed home. She's going to cycle in aound the 15th of the month. Bob was working with the Satillite company & not having much luck. Made us change the poll and had a new unity that turns out to be defective. Lucky for Phil's set up or we'd have nothing.

We had to buy a new DVD player – our only entertainment is on the computer or DVD. Ours just broke but we got a new player and we have movings again. Rainy days of extreme heat it comes in handy.


Lea, Robbie & Sorrel - 26 min.

Katie & Annie – 26 min.

We had a very hot and humid afternoon. Bob out haying, Ed checking all the birds and we're looking anxiously to run the meadows. Birds in the johnie houses doing fine.

We had a nice dinner with good music and dead calm air – hot just sititing around. Jason & Heather visited after he was done working and she stayed and played with pups for quite awhile.

Bedtime was hot and humid and the promise of more of the same.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

We got hot of the box again and I'm not quite up to par so Ed & Bob went to the picnic pasture and run a couple of dogs.

Brenna – we ran 35 min. – several turtles, good GD and then got a bit into turtle hunting, dropping them on command. Bob called her off a turtle - turned out to be a bird and she handled the STF . next time on top of the hill – stopped and Bob rode to her – He tried to flush from horseback ( too many turtle contacts to get down with the bird flushing from under Bob about 5 feet from the dog – she handled – not classy but mannerly.

Rio – Showed good hunt and drive – had a bird in the air but he didn't put up and never chased – onward he was in the area of a wild flush on a single – whoa'd – moved a bit and another single got up – Ed dismounted to correct and another bird flew and as Ed went to the dog more birds flushed from all around him. A great covey of chickens taught this young dog a million dollar lesson. I'm sure he learned a lot. Down for 20 min or so and tired in the heat at the end. Still a great session for Rio.

Barely 10:00 am and the heat has cooked up again.

Break # 1 – midday on 7/31

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